355 Lifestyle Restaurant - LET'S CHECK OUT 355 STEAKHOUSE, MAITAMA

355 Lifestyle is a combination of a dining environment with an outdoor lounge, a small event hall, and a smoking lounge upstairs. But in all, it is marketed as a typical fine dining steak house. My mystery dining partner and I ate in their coded dining space with good privacy and dim lights. In fact, the entire dining space was covered with dim lights to create that classical fine dining atmosphere.
So, James attended to us, he said all their beef cuts are imported from South Africa. The way this guy was speaking eh, so freely yet respectful and super proud of the restaurant he works in. Dude confidently told me that they are the most expensive restaurant in Abuja and I won’t even lie I think he’s right, because after everything on the menu, we will still end up paying VAT 🤦🏾‍♂️. I think the reason it’s this expensive is because they share the same menu with their Lagos branch, so what we have here is their Lagos prices. I honestly felt I was eating in a Lagos restaurant because food isn’t supposed to be this expensive in Abuja. For a small dining place like this, the waiters were just too many, like you can’t go wanting for waiters. One will serve you menu, another one will explain the dishes, another one will bring warm towel to wash your hands, another one will lie napkin on your laps, haba nau, people just want to take care of you and eat your money 😂. Oh, I remember how one waiter was just using style to pass us as if there’s something she was looking for, I could tell that she was just trying to let me know that she’s around in case I needed anything. I found that very respectful that she didn’t want to disrupt my conversations with my dining partner. Very well trained people I must say, please join me and applaud them👏🏾👏🏾
About the food, I really wanted something creative than the usual everyday dishes so I ordered for Pasta Nachos and Fish Provençal. Our meals came in together and it was super fast! Like in less than 15 minutes sef. I started asking the if it was already made or what, cos me I didn’t understand.
Anyways, keep reading where I talk about the dishes.


Pasta Nachos – ₦5,300

355 Lifestyle Restaurant Pasta Nachos - LET'S CHECK OUT 355 STEAKHOUSE, MAITAMA

Tortilla Chips based dish with a combination of penne pasta, Bolognese sauce and Mozzarella cheese. I ordered it because I couldn’t understand the combination of Italian and Mexican. Like, how can you combine nachos with pasta? I found it an interesting an interesting dish, but omo this dish na just pure cruise. The presentation was just confusing my confusion, I didn’t even know how to eat it. This isn’t creativity abeg. This is not a dish that you can enjoy the taste from every bite. You’re going to first fill your stomach with pure Bolognese sauce and cheese before you’re able to enjoy the nachos. Having the cheese on top the bolognese sauce inside a bowl shaped nachos just didn’t set right with my fork and my mouth. You can see my Instagram video to see how I was eating this. I honestly could not understand it. Also, what exactly was the purpose of the penne pasta? I could only count like maybe 5 or 7 pieces of the penne. See, it didn’t taste badly but it’s not worth it to be honest. Then ₦5,300 for a main course meal with the quantity of an appetizer? Naaah, this dish should have just rather been a starter or maybe a small tasting menu.


Fish Provençal – ₦7,150

355 Lifestyle Restaurant Fish Provencal - LET'S CHECK OUT 355 STEAKHOUSE, MAITAMA

355 Lifestyle Restaurant French Rice - LET'S CHECK OUT 355 STEAKHOUSE, MAITAMA
Scaled croaker fish fillet served with steamed veggies, Provençal sauce and what the menu specified as French rice. This is the first time I will be having Provençal sauce so I’d appreciate if the chef explained this to me. I Googled Provençal sauce and I see that the sauce is tomato based – looking a lot like stew, but I could barely find the stew-like sauce in this dish, rather I taste something a lot more like Greek yoghurt. It tasted bland and sour, I honestly couldn’t get what combination it was but you could obviously tell it isn’t tomato based. I’m unable to heavily criticize them on this because the sauce is alien to me but I do know the colour of a tomato-based sauce and what it should taste like. Although, the dish was more worth it than the pasta nachos in terms of richness and glory. The menu said it was to be served with carrot puree but it contained only steamed diced carrots rather than carrot puree. As for the rice side dish, I liked the taste of the combination of rice, veggies and eggs a little too much, not over or under spiced, I also liked the fish a lot, a little bit of crunchy feel and tenderness.

Water – ₦500

To cap up, I would suggest you come to this restaurant for imported steak, shisha and to feel a little boujee in a private and coded environment. But while you’re planning on going, please go along with a lot of cash, because as I’ve earlier told you, it is an expensive place. I think we even ordered for the cheapest items on their menu, so you can imagine. Lol.

  • Alicia
    Posted at 15:17h, 07 DecemberReply

    Hiaan! I know am a lover of Pasta but I’m not sure I’ll use 5,300 to purchase of plate of something I don’t understand.

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 16:01h, 07 DecemberReply

      But trying something new is the whole point of going to somewhere fancy!
      As for the price, you’re absolutely correct, 5,300 is way overboard for this dish.

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