Hey guys! So I’ve finally visited 4Guys! 😎
4 Guys is a foreign owned upscale casual restaurant, with a twist of Japanese open-style kitchen, it’s dark décor and Scandinavian lighting interior reminds me of this restaurant in Lagos, Casper and Gambini’s. The restaurant is inside a strip mall, and Google maps will lead you directly to this place. When I got in I was tempted to classifying the place as a fine dining restaurant because of the wine cellar storing wines at room temperature as well as a temperature-control wine fridges. Also, their cautious concierge, stiff and rigid waiters always on the look out for perfection, you know all those waiters that behave like robots, lol, you’ll find them here. But it’s a good thing because they were super cautious all the time. This place is so prim and proper that for the first time, I actually almost felt embarrassed about taking pictures of my food and making videos 😂, or maybe because it was quite full at the time.

The restaurant houses a Teppanyaki grill of which was currently closed, they said it got closed after the lockdown started. I so much love how the kitchen bar is, very long and organised as you watch your meals being prepared in your front.

The music was typical house music, the food menu was very easy to understand and our food got ready in under 15 minutes. Well, salads and sushi don’t take so much time to prepare so, maybe that’s why it was that fast. The restaurant has a standard bar but no drinks menu, also, no desserts menu. Although they assured us that they can make us the cocktail that we want, but their drinks menu isn’t ready. I desperately wanted a Tenderloin Steak, it was right there on the menu but the waiters said it was unavailable, I wanted to cry cos I was craving it badly.

Anyways, so here’s EVERYTHING THAT WE HAD.


– Octopus Salad
– Crunchy Roll Sushi
– Mojito
– Room temperature Water

Octopus Salad – ₦6,200

Contained chopped roasted Octopus, diced Potatoes (with the skin on), Lettuce, diced Cherry tomatoes, olives and Lettuce.
I used to think I liked lemon and olives until I had this, my God, it was very tangy! It wasn’t bad, just extremely tangy because of the lemon dressing. I was enjoying it at first until I started approaching the bottom of the plate where the lemon dressing settled. It was like lemon was added on top lemons.

Crunchy Roll Sushi (8pcs) – ₦6,000

This sushi was a combination of salmon, Crabsticks, cheese, and Avocado served with the usual ginger strips and wasabi and garnished with gravy and seasame seeds sprinkles. This sushi wasn’t the raw kind, it was actually fried, but just like every other sushi, it’s a cold dish. The truth is, I’ve never really been able to describe the taste of sushi, it’s like a combination of sweet, just a tiny bit of tanginess and this one has a crunchy feel. But to be honest, this had to be the most unique sushi I’ve ever had. Maybe I haven’t had that many, but I’d say it was really good 👌🏾, it melted so good in my mouth, and if you want a more sour taste, they serve you with the soy sauce dip you can use for a combination of sweetness and saltiness.


Mojito – ₦4,200

All I can say is that this is the worst Mojito I’ve had. I’ve mastered the taste and feel of original Mojito, and even from the picture you will see that this one was just bland. In fact, it was just like I was drinking alcoholic lemonade mixed with Andrews liver salt, the mint leaves didn’t even catch. I don’t know if that was original mint leave that they even used. Lol.
Then to cap it up, why will cocktails be as high as ₦4,200, in this Abuja? Too expensive jor 😡, even if it’s a fine dining restaurant. Next time I’d just order factory made wine instead 😒

Water – ₦300
In fact, I didn’t even like the water sef, I’m still angry about the cocktail and my anger affected the taste of the water, don’t ask me anything 😡.

PS: I so dislike restaurants that add VAT in their bill without prior stating on the menu, I see this a typical scam. State it there, let us know whether or not your restaurant is expensive 🙄

Anyways, overall, the feeling I received dining here is that this place is all about class and prestige. This is somewhere you want to take your babe if you want to impress her.
If you have dined here, please let me know what you think.


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  1. Ucheyy October 3, 2020 at 12:02 pm

    The Mojito looks like lemonade though!…… the octopus salad looks like something I’d want to try out something. I’ve never had octopus though

    1. Chukwuma - Site Author October 3, 2020 at 10:02 pm

      Yea, for me it’s the bigger Octopus chunks I’d like to try! Lol

  2. Osen October 3, 2020 at 9:45 pm

    The mojito part got me

    1. Chukwuma - Site Author October 3, 2020 at 10:02 pm

      As in eeeeh!


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