Yes, the name of the business is “Abacha In Abuja“.
Firstly, these dispatch companies will run down all these food businesses walahi. Food I was expecting to arrive by 5:30pm is what later came in around 7:30pm. But this is not my review, let me first tell you a story before heading to the main food review.
Go back to 3 weeks ago when the lady behind the business sent me a DM. She was requesting to send me her dishes to taste and review, so my response to her was just as I respond to every other food business; see below.

Fast forward 3 weeks after, she never replied me oh, e be like fear catch am 😅
The curiosity in me felt probably the food sef isn’t that good so let me try a few of her dishes and see for myself. With the communication courtesy she presented, I could tell she’s such a cheerful person and passionate about her business so I figured you know what, let me anonymously patronize her with the hopes that the food will be nice.
Now let me start my review with packaging. As a matter of fact, packaging is one of the reasons why I had someone else order for me cos I knew that it would have been more properly packaged if I ordered it using my own identity. Lol. When I go through your Instagram page and I see things, I always expect what I see to be just exactly as what I will receive. But no, this wasn’t the case, some of the food’s packaging was more like all those 25 Naira plastic food packs which doesn’t very well sell her food brand as premium and it was delivered in a polythene bag rather than her usual branded paper bags on her page. Also, another weird thing that happened was that I somehow received a bowl of Oha soup that I didn’t order 😂😂. I first thought it was one of the items I ordered so I had taken a taste out of it until I remembered what my exact orders where. I don’t know who to blame now whether it’s the dispatch rider or the madam behind the page, but I took it as compensation for not giving me the accurate number of Agidi I ordered for.
See, my experience wasn’t all that bad, I have quite a number of good stuffs to write about her business, trust me if her food wasn’t good I won’t even write about it in the first place. I ordered for Abacha, Agidi Jollof, Isiewu, Ukwa and Palmwine but she didn’t have Ukwa and Palmwine available. So let’s now talk about the food below.

Abacha – ₦2,500

Abacha is often called African Salad but considering that it’s a delicacy originating from Igbo land I’d like to see it more as Igbo Salad. I’ve had a couple of Abacha in this Abuja where I was served without garden eggs and I wasn’t happy, like who does that? Definitely not Abacha In Abuja. I loved that her Abacha was rich in everything, and I mean everything including the fried fish and 2 pieces of very soft kpomo. The one I had at Raffia Palm had scanty diced kpomo lacked ugba and wasn’t fried well together with the red oil. This one I’m having now by far beats theirs. Their abacha was softer, yet aldente, and the oil very well combined with the Abacha, it wasn’t dripping anyhow. The utazi, diced garden eggs and ugba were just in the perfect ratio. I couldn’t find anything to complain about this plate.

Isi Ewu – ₦3,000

All my life I’ve been scammed by every restaurant that makes Isi Ewu 😩 I can’t believe Isi Ewu can actually be served in this quantity! As in, this is the biggest portion of Isi Ewu you will ever get, I mean, telling from the fact that I ate two ears I figured she used the entire goat head for this dish. I bet you that this particular Isi Ewu can fill up about 5 of those scam calabash bowls. Nah meehn, this Isi Ewu portion was ridiculously large and I loved it! Great value for money. As for taste, let me just say you’d love it! She nailed it!

Agidi Jollof – ₦1,200

Abacha in Abuja Agidi Jollof - LET'S ORDER FROM ABACHA IN ABUJA
Agidi Jollof looks just like moin-moin, except it’s made out of mostly corn paste, tomato paste and oil and boney meat. Most of the flavour in Agidi comes from the marrow of this boney meat. This means that if your Agidi jollof lacks this piece of bone, it’s probably not complete Agidi. I ate all 3 of the Agidi and all of them had the bone in it, tasted very decent and had the perfect touch easily melting in the mouth without unnecessarily scattering. This Agidi was also a win! As for value for money, maybe if I had received my complete 5 pieces, it would have been great value for money, cos now I feel like one costs ₦400.

So let me sincerely apologize for catching her of guard, it’s just that I really wanted to review based on what a random customer would actually receive 🤷🏾‍♂️. The next online restaurant I will catch off guard is Spice Relish. Those guys were too perfect when they delivered their food to me, I think because they planned it, but let us watch and see what the future holds for us 😏


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