I usually don’t over-hype restaurants, but this place over impressed me abeg.

After Abimbola (@eatbmerry) and I took about two days deliberating on whether or not to eat here, we finally decided to check it out on this very day. Although I’m yet to understand why it was quite empty on a Sunday afternoon, but the Mexican feel of the place was to live and die for, lol. Especially the inside of the restaurant had a very traditional Mexican feel and décor, and they sell Mexican merch too. They also offer you hats to blend into the whole vibes and Mexican background sounds and all. Even the plates on the tables seemed like what you would see in a Mexican movie. Who has watched this cartoon, Coco?

Speaking of cartoon, the restaurant also had this themed area for kids dining.

Their menu was very simple, and I loved that it had pictures of their dishes, so I decided to try something I have neither eaten before nor drank before.

We decided to share starters, and get separate mains so that we can pinch from each other’s food cos there’s love in sharing 🤗




Nachos – ₦2,800

Tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, sour cream and pico de gallo (salsa) plus guacamole. Their Nachos seemed thinner than what I’m used to when I eat at CrossRoads Texmex, and I love sour cream, but this one was too sour for me. The guacamole and other condiments that wee served were just on point. However, if I go there next time, it’s their yam croquette I will be ordering for starters.


Enchiladas Mexicanas De Pollo at Casa Mexicana - LET’S CHECK OUT CASA MEXICANA, CBD ABUJA

Enchiladas Mexicanas De Pollo – ₦3,600

This is not Lasagne, it looks and feels like it but its not. This is Corned tortillas wrapped with shredded chicken in tomato sauce and melted cheese, served with refried beans, and it was soooo good. I have the feeling I made a better pick than Abimbola 😜

The rice too was just on point! I mean, nothing beats Nigerian Jollof, but this one was very okay for Nigerian taste buds. And the beans, I loved the beans that was used, I think it’s called pinto beans.

Chicken Fajitas at Casa Mexicana - LET’S CHECK OUT CASA MEXICANA, CBD ABUJA

Chicken Fajitas – ₦4,800

Fajitas is usually served sizzling, and this come came just like that. But the thing we both didn’t like about it was that the tortilla wrap was too thin and small, almost about the same size with tacos wraps. I’m used to having fajitas with only green bell peppers, but I liked that this one was served with variety of bell peppers, making it more colorful and appetizing.


Pastel de Tres leches at Casa Mexicana - LET’S CHECK OUT CASA MEXICANA, CBD ABUJA

Pastel de Tres leches – ₦1,800

I’m not so much of a sugar person, but she was so kin on having what she called her favourite dessert. I sha had a scoop of it and it was cake soaked with 3 layers of different milk; fresh milk, evaporated milk, and condensed milk. It tasted really nice, soft and creamy. Imagine when you soak bread inside glass of milk, except here, it’s cake. That’s what it felt like.


(forgot to take pictures, but see my Instagram post for videos)

Horchata  – ₦1,250

Popular Mexican drink made of rice, cinnamon and sugar. It was stated as a “must-try” for first timers and I didn’t regret trying this! This will henceforth be my drink of first choice at any Mexican restaurant. It has a creamy taste and a bit grainy feel, maybe because of the ground rice in it.

Jamaica Hibiscus drink – ₦750

Don’t know why Mexico serves Jamaican Zobo in the first place, but oddly, it’s actually a thing. I have no comments on this 🤷🏽‍♂️


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