This hangout was very different from the others, it held on the 10th August. I’d like to use the word “dope” but that will seem too self-hyped, lol. At this hangout, we had Chinese food and everybody came with good vibes, they were all super pumped and super excited. The restaurant management put in their best work to ensure a successful hangout, and we even had Denrele come around, and of course, he didn’t leave his craziness at home 😄

We also had brand sponsorship from Ivory Pops Gourmet Treats and Boozer Wines & Spirits that offered a few of their products as souvenir items. Trust me, this hangout was a real blast!

Well, I believe the rest of the details can be expressed in the short video below. Kindly watch to get a glimpse of what to expect at the next hangout edition.

I hope to see you there 😉

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