Clubhouse Restaurant Jabi 6 - LET'S CHECK OUT CLUBHOUSE, JABI

I visited Club House yesterday at the expense of Foodgital. We were supposed to have a brand promotional content shoot that eventually didn’t work out due to technical faults. I’ve been hearing about Clubhouse restaurant for a while but I never knew what to expect out of their food and service, having visited now, I will be sharing my experience.

Clubhouse is a simply classic spot for dining and a little family recreation. It houses a standard gym and swimming pool within their outdoor dining area also has a small petting zoo and a playground for the kids. Their indoor dining exudes a dark ambience and mature feel, and I experienced a super friendly and polite attitude from their waiters. The outdoor dining and lounging area is super comfy and quite large which also permits hosting of events even. On this day, the indoor space was closed, so we decided to stay outside.

Here are the items we ordered:

  • Naija Shawarma Pizza
  • Penne Pesto
  • Dodo
  • BBQ Wings
  • Ice Tea

Naija Shawarma Pizza: ₦4,200

Clubhouse Restaurant Jabi 1 - LET'S CHECK OUT CLUBHOUSE, JABIContains grilled chicken, sliced sausages with chili sauce and pepper; was that really enough to term it “Naija Shawarma”? Even though the pizza tasted good, I however couldn’t see the reason for being termed “Naija Shawarma”. I kid you not, Dominos Shawarma pizza by far beats this one and even has more of a shawarma feel, I honestly do not see what ketchup will be doing in a Shawarma-flavoured pizza. Or maybe someone should enlighten me, is ketchup part of the ingredients in Shawarma? Another vital thing about the pizza I disliked was the crust, it was literally as thin as paper – making it impossible to lift off its plate, and the absence of that puffy rounded edges just made it impossible to prevent the condiments from falling off as you lift. As you can see from the picture, it was just flat all through, oh, and even the burnt edges 🤦🏾‍♂️. No way, this is not how any pizza should be. At least they were generous with the cheese, so maybe that’s something I can give them a little credit on.

Penne Pesto: ₦3,900

Clubhouse Restaurant Jabi 4 - LET'S CHECK OUT CLUBHOUSE, JABIThis is called Spaghetti Pesto on the menu but I requested to be rather served Penne. Now can someone tell me how they arrived at ₦3,900 for this dish? First off, the penne was half done. Secondly, there really isn’t any protein in this dish and they’re selling for that price???!! I mean literally no chicken, shrimps or anything inside. Then most importantly this is not even pesto sauce. What I basically had here was pasta in cream sauce and a little touch of basil herbs flavour. Authentic pesto sauce is supposed to be a pure blend of basil leaves with pine nuts or roasted almond in the absence of pine nuts. Authentic pesto sauce is supposed to be pure coarse green or smoothly blended but definitely not with cream. You can have a look at the jarred pesto sauce in this recent post I made so you’d have an idea of how pesto should truly look like. I honestly don’t understand where this cream idea came from. So, this is not pesto, and this is definitely not worth your penny at all. The one that pained me pass is the lack of protein in it 🤦🏾‍♂️

Dodo: ₦1,500

Clubhouse Restaurant Jabi 3 - LET'S CHECK OUT CLUBHOUSE, JABIBasically, fried plantain. Really nothing to criticize about it, it was just there, in between ripe and crisp.

BBQ Wings: ₦2,400

Clubhouse Restaurant Jabi 2 - LET'S CHECK OUT CLUBHOUSE, JABI7 pieces of tiny wings served on flat pita bread and a dipping sauce. It tasted okay and the price is relatively okay as well.

Ice Tea: ₦600

Clubhouse Restaurant Jabi 5 - LET'S CHECK OUT CLUBHOUSE, JABIThis Ice tea was really good! It put my mood back in check. Or maybe because it was a hot afternoon and I had a chilled drink.

To summarize the article, I would recommend you visit this place for swimming and enjoy some chilled drinks on a hot afternoon. As for food, if they can make this mistake on simple dishes as pasta and pizza, it would be hard for me to believe that they’ll get other dishes right, just my thoughts 🤷🏾‍♂️


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