I decided to go to Demi’s after about the umpteenth time that my paddy @stephenkobams asked me to.

I was actually skeptical because you know me, I’m always hunting for dishes that are out of the ordinary. Anyways, I decided to try it out the day @jack_rabiit and @iam_king.s wanted us to link up over some food.

This place is just a simple casual restaurant, not your normal fine dining style, but if you’re looking for a mix of most continental dishes and typical Nigerian swallows, you should totally try here out.

I love that their menu is straight forward, so we all placed our different orders.


Okra Soup and Poundo yam with Goat Meat – ‎₦2,200

The goat meat in it was very soft, I loved it! However, I’d have preferred if the soup had other types of animals swimming inside, like them periwinkles, small small kpomo or even stock fish or roundabout, you know, grand mama style. But it was just normal okra and goat meat. Anyways sha, I can’t shout, overall, the soup tasted really good even without all the extras.


HARRISON’S ORDER [no pictures available]

Wings & Fries – ‎₦2,500

Can’t tell tell about the taste cos I didn’t pinch from, but the wings didn’t look bad, and Harrison didn’t complain about them either, so I’d call it a go.


Lemon Chicken Breasts with Fries  – ‎₦2,500

I took a piece from his fries and chicken, the spice didn’t enter inside the chicken well, it was mostly surfaced. I don’t know, maybe I’m not the expert here, but that’s just how my life taste buds felt when I took a piece from his. The fries were alright.




Pina Colada – ₦1,800

Nojito (non-alcoholic mojito) – ₦1,300

Sex on the Beach – ₦1,900

All the drinks were on point 👌🏾

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