Eden by Wingist 5 - LET'S CHECK OUT EDEN BY WINGIST, GARKI I earlier wrote about The Wingist Restaurant here, Eden happens to be another sister restaurant of the Wingist Network.

This restaurant has such a lovely surrounding environment of greenery and metal works artistry. It projects that feel of a garden especially on the outside. The restaurant’s seating layouts very well promotes group dining because it is designed as booths, both for the indoor and outdoor. God bless restaurants that considers placing phone charging sockets around just like they have. As a matter of fact, dining here was so convenient for us because we visited here as a group; myself, Waka Waka Nnena, Sarah of See Abuja and the good people at Foodgital. On this day, I happened to be recognised by the Chef Consultant of the restaurant and his recognition led to a generous courtesy offering of an extra plate of 10 wings to top whatever we ordered here. I find that so thoughtful and I think I’ve made myself a new friend. Lol

We occupied a booth and placed our orders. Here are the items we had.

  • 10 pcs wings
  • 6 pcs wings
  • Stirfry Noodles
  • Beef Burger
  • Chapman

Wings: (6pcs: ₦2,100, 10pcs: 3,500)

Eden by Wingist Abuja 1 - LET'S CHECK OUT EDEN BY WINGIST, GARKIEden by Wingist Abuja 4 - LET'S CHECK OUT EDEN BY WINGIST, GARKIThe wings served here is just the same quality as what is served in their other outlets. Very big wings and super tender and juicy. I like how they bathed the wings with sauce and serve with nylon gloves. I’ve literally reviewed these wings before so just click here for my previous review because the recipe was entirely the same.

Stirfry Rice Stick Noodles: ₦3,900

Eden by Wingist Abuja 3 - LET'S CHECK OUT EDEN BY WINGIST, GARKIThis was super tasty, couldn’t find a flaw here. The chicken was generous enough, the bowl was rich in vegetables and the noodles and sauce were evenly well combined. Although I don’t know why it was garnished with a little Mozzarella cheese, it was neither stated in their menu nor is it a common practice with noodle dishes, but well, since mozzarella nearly has no taste, the garnishing didn’t spoil the dish though. So this was a really nice dish and I highly recommend 👍🏾

Eden Beef Burger: ₦3,800

Eden by Wingist - LET'S CHECK OUT EDEN BY WINGIST, GARKIThe burger wasn’t my own order but I had a taste and I have something not so good to say about it. The chef was really nice to me, but I also don’t want to be bias about the restaurant, that’s why I had to think really hard deciding whether or not to write a negative review about the burger 🙈

So let me just say the truth. See eh, the burger was absolutely tasty, the patty had its own flavour, the veggies were fresh and the dressing was nice, but as for the looks of the burger, it’s like only little attention was paid into crafting this burger. You can see from the picture that it isn’t nice and firm. I think the bun was the cause of this, they didn’t use the right bread that can firmly hold all the burger toppings and condiments together. I spoke with the chef about this and he assured that this isn’t their standard and promised me that it will be improved, but for me I can only write what I observed 😩

French Fries: 1,200

Eden by Wingist Abuja 2 - LET'S CHECK OUT EDEN BY WINGIST, GARKIJust like normal fries should be. Nothing bad to say about it.

Chapman: ₦3,000

Eden by Wingist 6 - LET'S CHECK OUT EDEN BY WINGIST, GARKIThey got the Chapman right!


I feel like almost everybody in Abuja has been to Eden by Wingist, so that already is a good enough reason for you to check here out. It’s such a stylish place for that lifestyle feel, and please make sure to go with groups for a more conversational and enjoyable experience.



Side note:

This content was sponsored by Foodgital!




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