Firstly, this is not a paid article, I just feel like hyping a food business today. A business that is well deserving. I have been looking at Ejanla on Instagram for a while now and I see the hard work and ginger the owner puts into his business and I think they deserve the hype.
So, this isn’t really a review, this is just a way to make you crave for their fish 😂
Now you know where you can get the biggest catfish from in Abuja. Croaker fish, Tilapia and large Prawns are also on their menu. Oh, they’re also in Lagos as well, Victoria Island precisely. But literally, their catfishes are ginormous and their prices are in 3 variants, 5K, 6K and 7K, depending on the number of people coming to eat. Also, there’s this private zoo just inside of BMT Garden that not many people know about. It houses healthy animals like ostriches, hyenas, camels, and even lions (the lions are well fed so don’t be scared of getting eaten alive 😊). While waiting for your fish to be ready, you can even stroll around the zoo.
Ejanla mostly offers deliveries, but you can choose to eat in.
I know many of you will still ask me whether the food was good, so, yes it was good, but I didn’t go there for a review so I didn’t really pick much details 🤷🏾‍♂️
So here is your own assignment, you should buy from them and try their fish, then get back to me with your own review. Not every time I’ll be the one to review for you 💁🏾‍♂️😏

Contact Details
Abuja Phone: 07054168090, 09069345808
Lagos Phone: 09094529003, 08097092029
Abuja Address: BMT Africa Garden, 155 Ademola Adetokumbo, Wuse 2, Abuja
Lagos Address: Behind Zenith Bank Head Office Parking Lot. Adebisi Omotola Close, VI Lagos



Me having a heart to heart conversation with the lion

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