Cake Bread from Emys - ORDER FROM EMY'S HEALTHY FOODSAfter my last cake bread experience, I then tried some other cake breads a few days back, and this I will write about now. Disclaimer; the owner of this business is my friend and she begged me for an unbiased review regardless of being friends. So this is me trying my best to give an honest review about these products she sent to me.

Emmy sells variants of cake bread and other healthy meals, apparently, because I didn’t really enjoy my last cake bread experience, I decided to bring to her notice that this dish isn’t really my thing, but she insisted, and who am I to say no to food? A mere mortal like me 🤷🏾‍♂️

On this D day, the package arrived by a dispatch rider, and that very moment, I scored her on packaging. See how very neatly packed this was, as if it’s package for a wedding cake or something. I mean, not that I intend bringing down a business but feel free to compare packaging with Nellies, no match at all nau. I could also tell that not because she was delivering to me, but she normally packages her foods very well. If you check her Instagram page you will see that her other items are even better packaged than what she sent to me. So I must commend her efforts on this.

These breads came in really fresh; I mean, I could tell by the amount of aroma released the moment I opened the pack. The funny thing is, I unpacked about 2 hours after settling, yet, the amount of aroma was enough to scent almost the entire room. Now that’s how you know something that was made with freshness. When I cut the cakes, they remained firm and I could barely pick out crumbs scattering on the plate. The toppings of nuts weren’t too hard, so it wasn’t like I was chewing hard nuts and soft bread, everything rather blended evenly. Their texture was soft and moist and it appeared that all three loaves were consistent with texture, in fact, one might think they’re eating the same bread if you don’t put in close focus to difference in taste. Honestly, this was sooo good that I’m beginning to second guess my likeness for cake bread, maybe I’ve just not been having the good ones before. My only downside to this was that, I didn’t have a lot of people around me to share this with, so I ended up eating this for like a span of a week, at some point I started getting tired of having cake bread for breakfast every day 😂

Emy’s business focuses on healthy foods, so I believe that healthy ingredients only were used in making these breads.

Here are the items that were delivered:

Carrot Cake with Walnuts toppings: ₦3,500

Chocolate loaf with Oatmeal toppings: ₦3,000

Banana Bread with Coconut Flakes toppings: ₦3,000


To conclude this article, I will definitely recommend you buy from her. Yes, she’s my friend so it will do me a lot of good if you patronize my person, however, I will also tell you that I will never recommend any business to you if it isn’t worth it, and this one is definitely worth it tbvh.


  • Emem
    Posted at 21:44h, 03 FebruaryReply

    Thank so many Chukwuma!!! I’m glad you enjoyed my bakes. Amazing review.

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 21:45h, 03 FebruaryReply

      You are doing well! They were absolutely amazing!!! 👌🏾👌🏾

  • BDV
    Posted at 07:10h, 14 FebruaryReply

    I can confirm that Emy sells the best banana bread I have ever tasted

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