Frankies Grill Abuja Space - LET'S ORDER FROM FRANKIES GRILL, WUSE 2Frankies Grill Abuja Space 2 - LET'S ORDER FROM FRANKIES GRILL, WUSE 2It’s been a while I’ve had burger nor even reviewed any burger meal, so when I was invited by Frankies to try out their burger I couldn’t tell you how delighted I was especially knowing that Ozo from Big Brother Naija has bought from them before 🕺🏾. Although they initially wanted to have their items delivered to me but I rather opted to go to their physical spot so I can get a glimpse of what their place of operation is like. Since it’s like a small not-so-fancy outdoor patio and the sun in Abuja this December period hasn’t been smiling so I was advised to come with a face cap and a sun shades, yes, I went prepared but it was still really hot, I sha managed. Seeing the amount of orders going into a dispatch bike at different intervals clearly showed that these guys are cashing out big time, people must really love their food and I had to find out why myself. I asked Chef Frank, the head chef to recommend what he believes are the best items on the menu so he made the following items for me. Of course, I was here with a mystery dining partner as usual 🙂

Double Decker Burger: ₦3,000

Frankies Grill Abuja Double Decker Burger - LET'S ORDER FROM FRANKIES GRILL, WUSE 2

Really nice burger and very satisfying, especially because it’s a double layered beef patty. The selling point for this burger was the homemade sauce. I couldn’t place the mixture but the taste was geared towards the side of spicy and savory. No one likes a dry burger and that’s why Frank ensures that there’s a generous amount of cream in the burger so as you’re biting be sure to have cream dripping down all over the place. This burger too was loaded with sunny side egg and sliced sausages. I think I loved almost everything about the burger except for one thing; the bun. The bun wasn’t that soft bun, it kept on breaking and making it difficult to enjoy. It’s not that type of burger you can bite and put back down and chill before taking the next bite, it’s rather that type that you’d have to keep holding to prevent it from scattering. Frankie said maybe the reason for the bread breaking could be because they had to microwave it after taking my pictures and it might have led to the breakages but I still didn’t want to agree that microwave would cause that. I advised him to change his bread supplier and I think he bought the idea, so hopefully this bun issue should be fixed. Other than the bun, the burger was superb!👌🏾Maybe not McDonald’s standard but the average Nigerian burger lover would enjoy it.

Burritos: ₦2,000

Frankies Grill Abuja Burritos - LET'S ORDER FROM FRANKIES GRILL, WUSE 2

Frankie’s Burrito is wrapped with Pita (Shawarma flat bread) rather than Tortilla bread, it doesn’t have rice and beans in it, and the dressing inside isn’t sour cream, cheese and guacamole (Avocado sauce). Dear Frankie, I’m sorry but this isn’t Burrito you have in your menu, it’s something else.
I have looked up over 10 Burrito recipes online and I couldn’t find anyone which exempts rice or/and beans in their recipe. Also, the only type of Burrito that has fries in it is an American variant called California Burrito, so even if we can assume that what Frankie makes here is the California Burrito, his own still exempts the beans, the cheese, the sour cream, the guacamole and the original tortilla bread. I’m sorry I can’t find a way to justify this one because this is not the Burrito we know. Maybe he should change the name of the dish to something like Shawarma fiesta or Rasta Shawarma or something. But as for the taste, overall it tasted good especially for the sauce in it, and the sausages in it were all chopped, making it easy to get a taste from every bite. About the sausages, I actually wondered why sausages were inside instead of bacon as promised in the menu 🤷🏾‍♂️. Anyways, let me overlook that one. The chicken in it was pleeeenty and this fattened up the pita bread that it could barely wrap up the meal and making it difficult for the hand to even grab. This dish was heavily loaded with mostly chicken and fries and be guaranteed to have your belly filled to the brim.

Special Stir-Fried Rice: ₦3,000

Frankies Grill Abuja Stirfry Rice - LET'S ORDER FROM FRANKIES GRILL, WUSE 2

There was something about this rice that was a little different from the usual rice I eat in other restaurants, what is it?…..Oh yes! Most restaurants use Basmati rice, while Frank deliberately chose to use Jasmine rice even though Basmati offers a better look in the plate, but Jasmine is just sticky and doesn’t really look pleasant especially if you combine it together with the sauce. Although, Jasmine rice is the authentic rice to use in Chinese rice meals so I think he knows what he’s doing, but I’d advise that he uses Jasmine rice only if he’s serving a separate sauce on the side e.g Mongolian beef sauce. However!!!!! The cenrenre in this plate was waaaay too much. The rice was well seasoned but I couldn’t see the point of all the plenty vegetables everywhere, it almost felt like I was having a rice salad, very crunchy with every bite. Why the cucumber? Why the many fresh tomatoes and onions for a rice meal. I know that people will like this and why should I complain when I can easily ditch the veggies if I want, but I still think that this nearly looked like a rice salad than an actual rice meal.
As for the grilled chicken in it, damn! This was an original BBQ Chicken! It was so dope! In fact, I think I will visit this place next time just for the Barbecue chicken, juicy, soft and you know that original nearly-burnt smoky barbecue flavour in grilled chicken right? This was exactly it! One last thing, they must have forgotten to add shrimps in the rice as it was said on the menu, but it had sausages and eggs in it though and this plate was very filling as well.

Milkshakes: ₦1,500 each

Frankies Grill Abuja Milkshakes - LET'S ORDER FROM FRANKIES GRILL, WUSE 2

Just like every other milkshake. Nothing bad about the shakes at all, not watery, not too sugary and just the right flavours and quantity.

In summary, anything that could slightly appear a little discouraging can be overlooked, at least for so many people to be ordering from them then they must be doing something right and I can’t always be right, especially their prices and their portions. Every dish here will definitely fill you up to the brim because they are rich in everything. Also, I’d advise you to rather order for a take out or delivery, because this place isn’t where you’d want to sit and eat, especially in this Abuja sun. The place usually offers some activities at night so maybe you stop by for an evening meal but avoid afternoons 😉


  • Ify Oaks
    Posted at 07:32h, 08 DecemberReply

    Just mention good chicken and I’m dia!!! Love the review. Will definitely check them out soon.

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 07:53h, 08 DecemberReply

      Good chicken only? You don’t care so much about the burger bun? 😀

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