Somehow I landed myself at this restaurant in Ikeja with my very dear fit-fam friend, @bukikolade.

This restaurant is just the place for any fitness enthusiast and should be Heaven for anyone on a strict Mediterranean diet.

It has such a very minimal decor and it’s a small spaced area, a very small setting definitely not for large crowds.

I think the concept of the restaurant is mostly to promote healthy living in general, considering that the spa just beside it is by the same owner.

Buki and I had different healthy dishes and of course we pinched from each other’s plates.

I discovered that many people don’t eat healthy because they think eating healthy means eating bland foods or dry grass. I’m on this table 🙈

We are not informed so don’t blame us 😞

Now I know that there’s a whole wide variety of interesting healthy foods that can create a lasting meal plan without sticking with boring foods.

As for the sweet tooths, I also discovered that you can as well enjoy sweet foods and drinks with natural sweeteners.

So here’s a lirru about the dishes we had.

Agbo Zobo: ₦700

Contained Alkaline Water, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Ginger, Turmeric, Lemon, Dates.

The zobo was thick and sticky. Although it tasted even sweeter than the normal Zobo I’m used to, and for Health reasons, the dates in it acted as the sweetener instead of sugar.

Wakanda Salad ₦2000.

Contained Quinoa, Lettuce, Apples, Cucumber, Blueberries, Goji Berries, Bell Peppers.


I earlier didn’t like the bitter taste of quinoa but this one tasted really nice too cos it was mixed with diced apples and these other berries, don’t know which of them gave the salad a sweet taste 🤔

The salad had quite a crunchy feel so I Googled it, and I learnt that if quinoa gets soft, it will have a soggy feel and won’t be very palatable. Anyways, I liked that it was crunchy though.

Wakanda Jollof + Goat: ₦3000

Contained only Fonio

So the Fonio was basically cooked jollof style and served with grilled goat meat dipped in thick Ayamase Sauce which was also mixed with eggplants. I’ve never had Fonio in my life, yesterday was my first time 😂 but it wasn’t bad at all for a first trial to be honest. I guess I’m used to Ayamase sauce whenever I’m eating Ofada Rice, maybe that’s why I could enjoy the fonio.

Unlike ofada rice sauce, the texture of this Ayamase sauce was actually very thick.


Asun Salad: ₦2000

Contained goat meat, lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers.

I loved the idea of using goat meat for salad, since we are all already familiar of using chicken/eggs in our salads. Anyways, the goat was actually peppery and very tender. I comfortably ate everything without struggling to chew.

There were many other creative healthy food options from their menu like the Akara Pancakes, Wara wraps, Teff Swallow and many more that I will be going back for 😌


What’s your go to food when you want to eat healthy?

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