The last time I went to HSE was years ago when they were in a very small space. The problem I had with them being in a small space was that diners have no privacy for discussions, literally everyone in the restaurant would be hearing what you’re discussing. Now they’ve moved to a new location which is a very lovely space and a major upgrade by the way, yet still with the same issue, everywhere echoes unnecessarily, no room for private conversations 🤦🏾‍♂️

Stephen and I planned on coming here for breakfast, we agreed for 11am on January 4th, only for us to arrive and they were closed without announcing on their social media pages, we had to wait for 2 extra hours for their kitchen to be open. Even after 2 hours, we still waited extra 30 minutes for our food to be ready 🤦🏾‍♂️, although at least they tried to be polite about the whole situation.


So, HSE restaurant is a complete fusion restaurant with at least a dish from different continents which I believe is why they have a very extensive menu.

As usual, I wanted to order the sophisticated stuff, but I ended up ordering the basic why Stephen was the one that got the main stuff.

I ordered for….


Mediterranean Rice Bowl – ₦6,700

Long grained rice looking a little bit like fried rice. I suppose it’s termed “Mediterranean” because it’s possibly made using Greek spice and served with fermented pickled cucumber strips. The rice was very tasty, I loved it but I couldn’t finish it. The beef had some weird taste, not that it was stale, it just had a weird taste that I can’t explain. Stephen was the one who first noticed this, I also didn’t like it because it was quite dry. And I haven’t understood the concept of flat bread being served with rice 🤷🏾‍♂️


Pumpkin Masala Barracuda Curry – ₦6,500

This is apparently an Indian dish. It’s like rice and fish stew, except in this case, the stew is yellow in colour. It was served with thin long grain fine buttered rice and cuts of Barracuda fish and some veges swimming in the sauce. I loved every bit of what he had; I was so jealous that I wasn’t the one to order that.


Plain Mac & Cheese – ₦2,500

This was the highlight of the day. It’s a combination of…….Oh my God this was soooo nice. I think they’re experts in this because everyone talks about it on the gram, and everyone can’t be lying.


Fries – ₦1,100

Crispy enough 👌🏾


Fresh Orange juice – ₦1,800

I loved that they served freshly squeezed orange juice and not Five Alive Orange pulp. I could tell it was freshly squeezed because even a little of the seeds were in the glass.


Strawberry Milk Shake – ₦3,000

Stephen complained that is was just milk and he couldn’t taste the strawberry in it. Lol




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  1. Ernestine Merenini January 17, 2020 at 2:46 pm

    5 star!


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