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The other day, us food bloggers in Abuja went to check out this newly opened salad bar in Wuse 2. The idea was to check out if it’s all that worth it. I’ll talk about my findings on the food later in this article, but first, let me talk about the overall experience. Let me start with the location and space. This place is very well sited in strip mall, The Ruby Centre in A minu Kano, and the space is just enough to serve its main purpose for food delivery. Yes, the idea was to focus mainly on delivery and take outs, but it appears they’re now setting up some seats and tables in the space, so maybe it will soon be open up for dine in.
The display concept of their foods sells the place as a salad buffet setting, you get to build your own salad with over 15 different toppings in a plate. I think here should be a haven for fitness people and for salad junkies.

Hytaste Salad Bar Abuja bufet setting - LET'S ORDER FROM HYTASTE, WUSE 2I particularly liked how friendly the attendants where and how organized the place seemed. Or maybe it’s because they’re just opening, so let’s keep on the lookout and see how long this lasts.

So about the food, here’s EVERYTHING THAT WE HAD and what my findings are.

Hytaste Salad Bar Abuja What we had - LET'S ORDER FROM HYTASTE, WUSE 2

And here are the Instagram handles of my fellow bloggers who were involved in this our food escapade!


Now, here are the items below that I personally had for myself.

– Chicken Shawarma
– Spicy Chicken Sandwich
– Seafood Salad
– Parfait
– Pinage (Pineapple & Orange) Fruit Juice


Chicken Shawarma – ₦1,500

Hytaste Salad Bar Abuja Shawarma Sandwich - LET'S ORDER FROM HYTASTE, WUSE 2
I have never used these words before in my life, in fact I usually hate it when people rate any certain shawarma as the best in town, but I can now relate to why they do this and you can quote me on this later. “Hytaste’s shawarma is the best in Abuja”, and I wasn’t paid for this, I don’t care what you know.
Shawarma that has a firm grip and doesn’t unnecessarily drip cream and make a mess everywhere, shawarma that is well wrapped, has a tight grip and firm to the touch. Shawarma that all of us 7 bloggers kept on passing around and taking a bite from yet didn’t even scatter. And to cap it up, shawarma that the chicken in it even had its own peculiar flavour while the dressing used was in-house made, not the usual Bama mayonnaise that other shawarma places use. Come on nau, see eh, if you find a better shawarma in Abuja and you can prove it, I will kukuma close my blog for you, no cap.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich – ₦1,000
The sandwich contained usual lettuce, spicy chicken, boiled eggs, avocado and tomato slices. I didn’t have a bite of the sandwich, but Aramide of @abujaeats did, and he even reviewed the sandwich on his page. I could tell his review was legit most especially because of the spicy chicken as I have earlier talked about in the shawarma.

Seafood Salad – ₦3,500

Hytaste Salad Bar Abuja Seafood Salad - LET'S ORDER FROM HYTASTE, WUSE 2
The salad mix was just pure fresh salad. Actually, every vegetable here was absolutely fresh. You know when you open a bowl and you can smell the aroma of the freshness, that’s what this one was like.

Telling from the logo colours, I think this place is like an extension of @riwo.foods or maybe co-owners or something, that might explain why they are able to offer fresh items all day roun, *just my thoughts*. Anyways, the salad was very fresh and they said the dressings used are typically homemade and not store bought or branded.

Parfait – ₦2,000

Hytaste Salad Bar Abuja Parfait - LET'S ORDER FROM HYTASTE, WUSE 2

The parfait was very sour Greek yoghurt mixed with a tiny bit of the juice from acai, served with granola on the side, topped with kiwi, coconut shavings and small pieces of apple. Unlike most store bough parfait, the granola was served on the side instead of in the yoghurt, this was done to maintain crunchiness and freshness. I’m not a big fan of parfait so I took mine home for my friend to have.



Pinage – ₦1,000

Hytaste Salad Bar Abuja Fruit Juice - LET'S ORDER FROM HYTASTE, WUSE 2

Sorry I finished drinking before remembering to take a picture. Lol.

They had a variety of Smoothies, plain juices and juice mixtures. I had one of the juice mixtures which was a combination of Orange and Pineapple, so it was called “Pinage”. Other bloggers preferred the orange and carrots combo, but I preferred this one.
The pulp in the orange had been filtered out so you don’t get to mistakenly gulp seeds. Even though I prefer my orange juice with the pulp in it. How about you?

To cap this up, if you check the prices you will see that this is actually a place with good value for money. ₦2,500 can actually get you a good bowl of salad, and if you’re feeling extravagant by adding a couple of additional toppings, maybe ₦3,000 to ₦4,000 can do just that for you.
If you’re a salad person, drop a comment about how you like your salad.

Hytaste Salad Bar Abuja Chukwuma - LET'S ORDER FROM HYTASTE, WUSE 2

Take your time to dey enjoy once in a while, problem no dey finish! 😋😊

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