I’m wondering why it’s called a lounge when it is more of a restaurant. Brook Lounge Tropic Galleria Abuja 1 - LET'S CHECK OUT BROOK LOUNGE, TROPIC GALLERIA CBD Catching up with an old friend from university, we figured that Brook would be ideal for us to link up, mostly because we felt it was a very picture friendly environment, so we just had to meet here.
Actually, the entire Tropics Galleria is a super photo friendly environment, like you can literally take a picture in every square inch of this mall and your picture will come out fine. This place is the typical picture playground for any Abuja babe. But we aren’t talking about The Tropic Mall today, we’ll focus on the new restaurant it houses. Just like the mall, Brooks is also a very picturesque place. In fact, this place is so super clean and shiny with bright lights everywhere, I know the NEPA bill in this place will be so outrageous 😂. The décor here is outstanding! The bar area was so fine and it was a high selling point for me, it was also set up in a way to accommodate a long buffet setting. But you see how perfect the place is, I wish I could say the same for the staff in it. It’s a very new restaurant and the staff were very cautious when treating us as guests so I can forgive them for being clueless about the menu, but I find it hard to forgive the manager about not knowing or understanding the menu. In fact, even the menu wasn’t making any sense to me, so I had over a hundred questions for him. Like what is Steamed rice and French fries doing in the starters category? Why do I have to ask which side dishes will be served with our main course meals? Why isn’t there a side dish category on the menu? Why do they have Pasta Al Baffo in the menu without specifying the protein it’s served with? When I called the attention of the manager, he often had to rush back to the kitchen to confirm from the chef on what the dish really is or how it is served 😂. I just think every single staff in the restaurant were confused about the menu. The manager who happens to be a Middle Eastern man was really nice and polite, I’m sorry but he just can’t help you much with understanding the menu, he was rather defending the menu and explaining what truly didn’t make any sense to me. I was asking too many questions that I kept on asking him to forgive me for taking too much of his time, so I wasn’t even able to ask up to the hundred questions that I had 🤦🏾‍♂️. What I could take out of the manager is that, he may understand hospitality well and how to treat his guests, but he does not understand food. For a fine place like this, the items on the menu were relatively well priced, so I figured we could order for many things 😂, and that was how we ordered a complete 3 course meal like that oh.
We ordered for….

– Lamb Suya
– Calamari
– Pasta Al Baffo
– Chicken Cordon Blue
– Red Velvet
– Musse
– Water

Lamb Suya: ₦1,200

Brook Lounge Tropic Galleria Abuja Lamb Suya - LET'S CHECK OUT BROOK LOUNGE, TROPIC GALLERIA CBD
Yet, it actually has the authentic Suya taste and feel but there’s something I didn’t like about it. The manager said it will be served on skewer sticks and that was why I ordered it, because of the convenience of eating from the skewers, but just as I earlier said, the manager doesn’t know jack about the dishes so lo and behold, it ended up being served in tiny chunks. This made it so difficult to eat and enjoy. It kept on falling off my fork to the ground. Although I really like it and I liked that it was served with the original Suya vegetables, that is cabbages, onions and tomato slices, and even a cut from shawarma bread, but the tiny cuts of meat just made it not enjoyable. Or how didn’t I think I should have just asked for toothpicks instead, maybe it would have made more sense to enjoy that way 🤔.

Salad Pepper Calamari: ₦4,000

Brook Lounge Tropic Galleria Abuja Calamari Salad - LET'S CHECK OUT BROOK LOUNGE, TROPIC GALLERIA CBD
It was nice especially with the cuts of chilli spice served with it, but just like the lamb chops, it had the same issue with the cuts. Calamari in other restaurants is mostly served as ring-shaped dishes for easy consumption, but no oh, these ones decided to chop it into tiny pieces. Maybe I should have just used a spoon to eat it like I’m having cereals 🤷🏾‍♂️

Pasta Al Baffo: ₦4,500

Brook Lounge Tropic Galleria Abuja Pasta Alfredo - LET'S CHECK OUT BROOK LOUNGE, TROPIC GALLERIA CBDBrook Lounge Tropic Galleria Abuja PAsta Al Baffo - LET'S CHECK OUT BROOK LOUNGE, TROPIC GALLERIA CBDI was totally shocked when I was first served Penne Alfredo. I would have immediately returned it oh, but I had to first take pictures to confirm from my readers if it’s just my eyes that is seeing Alfredo Pasta. I later called the attention of the manager to report that what was served wasn’t Al Baffo because Al Baffo sauce is supposed to be a mixture of cream and tomato sauce. The dude politely took it back and corrected my order, I loved that he didn’t even fuss about it and damn that was fast for my new order to arrive. Although he first was trying to lecture me that there are different variants of Al Baffo sauce like it’s today I started knowing pasta sauces 😂, oga abeg give me authentic Al Baffo and stop making excuses. Finally when the Al Baffo came, the tomato sauce tasted super nice and very fresh, but it now lacked the cream. So I think what I had was pasta with tomato sauce (Arabiatta), but not pasta Al Baffo. At this point, I doubt if the chef even knows the recipe for Al Baffo. Finally, it would have been nice to serve pasta with small bread on the side, but they just served it like that which proves my point that the chef really doesn’t know so much about pasta dishes 🤷🏾‍♂️

Chicken Cordon Bleu: ₦5,000

Brook Lounge Tropic Galleria Abuja Cordon Bleu Chicken - LET'S CHECK OUT BROOK LOUNGE, TROPIC GALLERIA CBD
This is chicken that is wrapped in a layer of luncheon ham, cheese slices and breadcrumbs then fried. This dish was absolutely delicious, it was the bomb for me. I only had a taste from it and wished it’s what I ordered. The only awkward thing about the dish is that it was rather made with sausages, and not the luncheon ham. Maybe that was pork sausages but it definitely wasn’t thin ham slices. Every other thing about the chicken was perfect, but I can’t say the same for the mash potatoes. First off, mashed potato actually isn’t in the menu but like I earlier said, we asked the manager if we can order for a regular side dish of choosing that isn’t on the menu and he said yes, so we ordered for the mashed potatoes. The presentation of the mash was really nice, but unfortunately it wasn’t mashed well enough, I could still feel a lot of lumps in it. Also, it wasn’t creamy enough, rather dry.


For a menu so basic, they actually had a lot of dessert options and my guess is because there is a small cake shop right in front of the restaurant inside the same mall. So my guess is that they just strolled to the front and passed the desserts through the back door then served to us. I think I will go check this café shop later and possibly even order for these same desserts just to prove my point. Don’t call me petty 🙈

Red Velvet: ₦1,300

The normal red velvet that everyone knows. Lol. It wasn’t bad at all.

Brook Lounge Tropic Galleria Abuja Red Velvet - LET'S CHECK OUT BROOK LOUNGE, TROPIC GALLERIA CBD

Musse: ₦2,000

Chocolate cake served with strawberry and whipped cream on the side. This was nice too. The restaurant supervisor said it’s more expensive than the red velvet because of the strawberry garnishing. Strawberry that I even threw away. Such a tasteless overrated fruit 😒

Brook Lounge Tropic Galleria Abuja Musse - LET'S CHECK OUT BROOK LOUNGE, TROPIC GALLERIA CBD

See, I really like this restaurant and the courtesy of all the staff in it, so I would like to excuse them for their flaws but I don’t think flaws about food should be dismissed just like that, I mean, the chef is supposed to already know these things even before the restaurant opens right? A restaurant manager is also supposed to understand the menu to the last letter. Even for a fancy place like this, the menu is supposed to be well detailed too, right? I don’t think it’s because it’s a new restaurant, I think everybody here should seriously go back to training, because it will be such a shame if the failure of such a remarkable place is based on them not knowing what they’re doing.
I’ll visit again to check them out, and I think you should too.



  • Clara
    Posted at 09:46h, 11 DecemberReply

    I passed by the mall literally everyday and have not bothered to stop by, I guess I will be headed there next week especially to try the pastry shop and take some photos 😂

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 10:00h, 11 DecemberReply

      Maybe you will be the one to help me validate if truly the desserts I ordered was from the café in front of the restaurant 😀

  • Stella G
    Posted at 20:33h, 11 DecemberReply

    Wow they have actually improved, I visited when they newly opened and sigh I dont even want to remember the experience and yes the pastries are def from the cafe. When the cafe Lady is coming to ask for the payment of my cake and milkshake seperately because she was about to close . I think that confirmed it.

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 20:44h, 11 DecemberReply

      Yes, they said they earlier opened then only for a test run. So yes, they actually improved but I guess not improved enough.

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