Many of us in Abuja have already heard about Almat farms and what they stand for. We know this tourism piece of farmland to house a very beautiful scenery with mountain landscapes and domestic petting animals but we will not be talking about the farm in this post, we will focus particularly on the restaurant here that houses it’s own special species of flies. Yes, giant flies oh! And that was the major flaw about this restaurant. The concept of having a snooker board, a table tennis and a foosball here means that the restaurant is very well thought of, but the issue with the flies might overshadow this beauty. We will get to the issue of this flies part later.

For an agritourism establishment, I’d expect their restaurant to be a bit more serious because cuisine should count a lot for tourism. Cultural cuisine serve as a major attraction for tourists, so if this place has lodging, and also a farm, I see absolutely no reason for them not to have an extensive food menu, especially a cultural food menu. The A La Carte food menu in this place was so basic with just about the same sauce items just different proteins, even the bar menu was weak asf. We were told that weekends here is strictly for buffet which in my opinion it really isn’t a buffet. Buffet means that there should be a wide variety of dishes down to desserts, also, guests are supposed to serve themselves and guests can eat as they like right? but this wasn’t the case here, firstly, we were being served by someone else which I can understand it might be because of both Covid and the flies petching, but I don’t understand why we were limited to the amount of chicken or beef that a guest is entitled to, where does that one happen? Also, I don’t understand how a buffet is exclusive of drinks, not even a chapman, a soda or a water, or maybe that one was because of the low price of the buffet? I still don’t get. For a tourist center with the cheapest room as high as ₦38,000 per night, I’d suggest they rather increase the cost of the buffet and include drinks and desserts because I’ve never seen a buffet were drinks aren’t part of the experience.

So, the restaurant’s experience wasn’t that nice as a whole but let’s read on to find out if the food will make out for it.

Buffet: ₦4,500

Jollof Rice

Lubui Restaurant Almat Farms Jollof 1 - LET'S CHECK OUT LUBUI, ALMAT FARMS KUJE

This Jollof reminded me of Dj Cuppy’s song, Jollof on the Jet. I kid you not it was almost the best jollof I’ve ever had, I felt like I was having this on a private jet. From the texture to the colour to the spicing, it was so perfectly on point like it was made by machines. There is absolutely no way that you would have this particular jollof rice and have something different to say about it. It was that good! I had the jollof with barbecue chicken on the side and the chicken was also good. Nothing so much to say out of grilled chicken but it was just good enough. But you see that rice eh, it’s a memory I will forever cherish 😂

Beef Sauce

Lubui Restaurant Almat Farms Beef Sauce 1 - LET'S CHECK OUT LUBUI, ALMAT FARMS KUJE

After our meals, we were greeted by the head chef where she got to talk about her dishes, so she called this dish “Beef Collage”, I don’t really understand the name, but well, okay 🤷🏾‍♂️. I however loved every piece of this too, the tenderness, the juiciness, the spicing, every thing enter well mehn. I found it strange that I loved this dish even though I really dislike the taste of cinnamon and this was the prominent spice used in it. The beef sauce had small cuts of really soft boiled potatoes in it that made it go so well.

Vegetable Salad

Lubui Restaurant Almat Farms Veg Salad 1 - LET'S CHECK OUT LUBUI, ALMAT FARMS KUJE

The salad was a combination of lettuce, cabbages, carrots, sweet corn, red beans and salad cream. We were told that almost all the veggies used in this came from the farm, well except for the sweet corn and red kidney beans of course, no wonder everything was was oozing freshness. I loved the salad too.

I couldn’t eat everything from the buffet table but I asked my friends that had the semo and egusi soup and they endorsed their meals. I think the chef here really knows what she’s doing. We were going to complain big time about the flies and our inability to eat as we like, but I promise you that the sweetness of the food just covered up for any discrepancies 😂. But I just wished that there were more hardcore traditional dishes here and the flies from the animals in the farm didn’t find their way to the restaurant too.
So yea, I’d somehow recommend here for the buffet but not for the experience.


  • A friend that is proud of you
    Posted at 15:16h, 30 NovemberReply

    4500 for buffet and you want them to allow you eat as you like 🤷‍♀️? Haba now pity them now. They are not the only restaurant that don’t celebrate the drink price from the buffet price, There isn’t this restaurant in transcorp, I think Bukka is the name I can’t remember, buffet is like 13k and it doesn’t include drinks but you could eat as much as you like.

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 15:45h, 30 NovemberReply

      This kyn anonymous comment me I don’t understand oh 🤷🏾‍♂️
      But anyway sha, that’s why I said they shouldn’t have called it buffet, and I also said they should have increased the price because the entire farm is already expensive, so why should they now house a cheap restaurant. It doesn’t make sense nau 🤷🏾‍♂️

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