This my post is long overdue, but my visit here was very eventful and with a handful of experiences.

First of all, this is the first time I’m having to watch as someone grill my meat for me, thank you Princess 😁

Secondly, Miso is goals for romantic dining. Dang! the roof top area is damn too exotic and astonishing. Please no one ever should compare any Lagos rooftop restaurant to this one abeg 😂, the view here is just goals. Visit here in the evening hours, like when the sun is setting, here is one of the best places in Abuja to propose to wifey 😍

Anyways, so this is how I found here in the first place. About a month ago, myself, Abi of @eatbmerry and a couple other food bloggers were invited to Miso for a feel of their dining experience and it was totally worth it! On this day, we would be having Shabu Shabu, a Japanese self-grill full meal.

Shabu Shabu is a combination of various thinly sliced raw meat options, chicken, beef, sausage kebabs with diced pineapples, prawns and fish served with an electric grill and a steam pot for keeping the soup continuously boiled. The dish is served with variety of vegetables you can mix together for your salad and of course, with well decorated rice as the side. All the raw foods have already been spiced, what’s left is just for you to grill yourself.

I actually enjoyed the chicken more because it was mildly spiced, unlike the fish and meet that were much heavily spiced.

Here’s a fun fact; The term “Sahbu shabu” is derived from the sound made in the steaming pot, and actually has no literal Japanese meaning. Lol


Princess of @minister.of.enjoyment took the honours of grilling the meat for us until it was taken over by this passionate waiter at the restaurant. You need to see how she was grilling with such enthusiasm. Lol. Also, the waiters here are actually very friendly and polite mehn, and to me that’s a very big plus when visiting any restaurant.

Anyways I’ve already told myself that I’ll be coming back here with my guys, think about it, just 15K for 4 people and it comes with wine? Come on naau, if this isn’t value for money.

Anyways, Miso, see you guys again soon!

PS: If you see any picture(s) here that is very fine, it was definitely taken by Abi of @eatbmerry 😀, while the ugly ones were taken by me 🙈




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  1. Bukanla Ruth December 28, 2019 at 5:42 pm

    see name of food oShabu Shabu


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