For almost 2 months since their Instagram page was launched, I’ve been looking at this restaurant with one eye and kept it in my list of restaurants to visit. Then Boom! I got a DM from their head chef inviting me to come try their food 🕺🏾 Problem for who no be food blogger! 😁

One of the reasons I was eyeing this place is because their menu seems so interesting unlike other upscale casual restaurants. So as I go down my experience, be prepared to read my undiluted review about this restaurant regardless of being invited for free food. You know me, I don’t hide my mouth nor mince words 😊, if the place is that bad, I simply won’t even write about it.

So upon Betty and I getting seated, we were briefed on the concepts of the restaurant about how they are infusing and promoting the idea of fashion and dining. So this duplex houses 4 main areas; a fashion house (@fabricsbymodaelegante), a breakfast corner and a shisha room downstairs. The entire restaurant’s décor is every slay queen’s dream 😂, the lighting, the mirrors, the seats, everywhere was shining and the furnishing was absolutely well thought of. The bar guys knew their jobs so well because I questioned them about the drinks we were having and they responded so courageously and were confident about their creations, although I can’t say the same for the waiters. To be fair, the waiters are actually very polite, one kept on coming to check on our table but the waiters actually didn’t know anything at all about the menu. I mentioned this to the chef and he gave some valid defense as to why this was so, hence, I’d say maybe because it’s still early for the restaurant, let me give them a little time to adjust and get a hold of their menu. While we were waiting for our meals to be served, I overheard the chef saying this to a guest “if you don’t like our food, you don’t get to pay for it”, so I called the chef to confirm, he said it’s actually a policy in their restaurant. I just hope us Nigerians don’t get to take advantage of this 😅

The chef so much boasted about his food eh, kept saying that I needed to try his creations out, so I asked him to recommend his best items. These are the items he recommended.

– Akara Chicken
– Heinekenbird
– Tao Special
– OG’s Gâteau dessert
– Sangria cocktails

So was the food good or bad? Let us read on to find out.


Akara Chicken – ₦3,500

Moda Restaurant Abuja Akara Chicken - LET'S CHECK OUT MODA, WUSE 2

Usually, 8pcs of wings should cost around ₦2,500, but considering that this one is battered with extra ingredients, beans, maybe that’s why it’s a bit higher in price. According to the chef, this dish is the highlight of the starters category because its a recipe he came up with by mistake. He said chicken he was supposed to fry mistakenly fell into a mixture of bean batter, he had no choice but to fry it like that, and that was how the recipe was formed. So what you should expect out of this is a crunchy texture of a mixture of chicken and spicy beans pudding. Unlike some restaurants that will serve you some skinny wings that don’t even have flesh in them, this one was quite meaty and was pretty filling. He guaranteed me that I’d love it, and I absolutely did. Also, I loved the dipping sauce and the plating presentation. They were served in a very heavy black slate and written with edible chalk.

Heinekenbird – ₦3,500

Moda Restaurant Abuja Heinekenbird - LET'S CHECK OUT MODA, WUSE 2

This chicken recipe was absolutely alien to me, never have I had or even heard of such a combination, but the chef didn’t even fuss about it like it wasn’t a big deal, he said it’s quite common in some other restaurants. Now, let me shock you. The ingredients used in marinating this chicken is Heineken beer, milk, salt and pepper 😂, you read that right. Was it nice? Absolutely! As a matter of fact, you probably won’t know it’s a beer-based recipe if you aren’t told, and there is absolutely no taste of alcohol because the alcohol content must have evaporated in the oven heat. This flattened chicken breasts were served with roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables and a dipping sauce. The chef said the chicken was flattened so that the heat and spices can evenly circulate and maintain same taste with every bite. Although the menu said “sautéed veggies”, we were served steamed veggies. Probably the menu is still being worked on that’s why. As for the dipping sauce, I noticed it tasted different and more lemony/tangy from the one served with the Akara Chicken, and yes, he confirmed that they have 6 different in-house made sauces because every item on the menu should be peculiar to its own taste of dipping.


Tao Special – ₦4,500

Moda Restaurant Abuja Tao Special - LET'S CHECK OUT MODA, WUSE 2

This is my highlight of the entire experience. My God this was a bomb for me. If you’re a beans lover or you like Ewa Agoyin, you’d definitely like this one too. Imagine mashed beans, and served with very soft tender roasted goat meat topped on it and fried plantain by the side. My God! I’m still drooling as I’m writing this.

Although, I’m a crayfish lover and that’s why I liked this dish, but I have informed the chef to indicate on their menu that this dish is heavily flavoured with crayfish flavour. Even though I absolutely loved this, I don’t know if this is something that everyone can accept, so if you don’t like crayfish maybe you should tell them to tone it down a bit, cos the crayfish taste here was quite pronounced.

OG’s Gâteau dessert – ₦2,500

Moda Restaurant Abuja OG Gandeu - LET'S CHECK OUT MODA, WUSE 2

The restaurant actually doesn’t have a dessert menu yet but the chef insisted I tried this creation which is set to be on the menu. Honestly, this is the most thought of dessert I’ve actually gotten from any restaurant. To be honest, most restaurants are quite lazy with desserts, they just make brownie and top it with ice cream and call it dessert. Let me explain the process of this dessert then you will understand. Firstly, this is two different layers of cake, chocolate cake slice and a carrot cake slice sandwiched with a combination of whipping cream, topped with variety of grounded toasted nuts such as groundnuts, pine nuts and I think cashew with a little fruit mix. Also topped with gelato and heated caramel on the carrot slice of the cake. I honestly wish I am able to describe the creativity put into this dessert but it’s only my tastebuds that can. The chef really went all out on this one, especially considering that there’s no single ounce of sugar in this. You should definitely try this. And the portion was too massive for its price.

Moorish Sangria – ₦1,800

Moda Restaurant Abuja Sangria - LET'S CHECK OUT MODA, WUSE 2

This was a new creation by their bar tender. He was so much confident about the mixture. So here’s the thing, both of them were red and white wine base respectively, mixed with rum, then dipped with some fruit slices like paw paw, apples and lemons. Overall it still tasted like red wine and white wine and if you’re not so into wines, you’d think you’re still drinking wine rather than a cocktail mix. So I’d say that this drink is for people who really know their drinks. I’m not so big on drinks, my specialty is mostly food, so I won’t give this one any verdict.

Agege Brioche


If you order for a burger, the bread on the left is what is used as the burger bun, while the breads on the right is used when serving a soup. You’re probably wondering why I ordered a bread alone. Well, I didn’t really want a soup but I was just curious to know what their “Agege brioche” as written on the menu looked like, apparently, it looked and tasted nothing like the Agege bread we are familiar with but it sure did taste really good with its own peculiar buttery flavours.

To conclude this, one thing I like about the restaurant is how attentive to details they are. So attentive that even the last page of their menu clearly indicates an informed dining section.

Now, considering that it’s still a new restaurant as of when I’m writing this, if you’re very conscious about what goes in your belly, I’d suggest you ask a lot of questions before ordering your food, because there’s a lot of extra touches put into their recipes, some of which has been pointed out on the menu beside the dishes in brackets.

  • Austin
    Posted at 19:48h, 08 NovemberReply

    I was just drooling all through the article

    Definitely trying these guys out

    • Chukwuma
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      You definitely should bro

  • Bekah
    Posted at 12:13h, 11 NovemberReply

    This review will make someone run to the restaurant in the article

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 13:32h, 11 NovemberReply

      Loool. Well, if a restaurant is good, then they should expect good reviews.

  • Tomi O
    Posted at 19:58h, 29 NovemberReply

    Definitely a good read. Saw a picture on Twitter and went to their page to check them out – found a story of your review and I headed here cos I totally dig your reviews. I should visit them soon.

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 20:08h, 29 NovemberReply

      Thank you Tomi for digging my reviews. I hope to get better with time 🙂

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