My last visit to Mr Crab was around March this year, I knew I definitely had to come back. Their food is mostly what brought me back to Dubai.

Back then I dined at their outlet in Al Bashar, apparently, they opened a new branch in Burjuman Mall so I went to the mall this time around. I went with company of the 2 of my friends I traveled with, Nick and Ada so we decided to take a Metro down to the mall together. We were welcomed with very friendly waiters who knew exactly what they were doing. As a matter of fact, their operations seemed so organised and seamless that here almost seemed like clock-work.

The waiter’s welcomed us with a disposable bib made out of nylons, then they proceeded with laying a flat type of paper spread on the tables as well as small buckets for disposing trash from our mouth. This is where they’d empty the dishes on, so we can munch like bush men 😁

Their menu was simple and mouthwatering that we were so confused as to what to order. So we had starters, mains and cocktails.




Baked Mussels – 36AED

Spinach Artichoke Dip – 39AED

Dynamite Shrimp – 39AED

I could speak for the shrimps because that’s what I ordered. The shrimps were quite massive in size and very sweet, spicy and juicy.



Crabonanza – 189AED

This was the highlight of the day. This meal is a full pot of crab varieties, sweet corn, mussels, small potatoes, lemon and unlimited rice.

This comfortably serves 3 people, or even 4. It is served with unlimited white rice in a bowl. You get to use your hands to eat, just like you’re having Nigerian swallow.

See, if you really want to enjoy this meal, drop your poshness at home, and come prepared to munch like a crazy person.


Mr. Crab’s Seafood Pasta – 49AED

This is Jollof spaghetti with prawns and mussels, and was super tasty. The spaghetti was super slimy that one could literally slurp it right into the mouth.



Lemon fusion drink – 15AED

Passion fruit Mojito – 30AED

Strawberry Mojito – 30AED

I can only speak for the Passion Fruit Mojito. This was to die for. It had all the Mojito ingredients in it and I doubt any Nigerian standard Mojito could step to this.

To cut this post short, everything we had here was just too gooood! Damn!!! I mean like, how was this level of perfection even possible? Every item we had was soooo succulent and juicy.

If you’re going on vacation to Dubai soon, I strongly recommend you check here out.

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