A few people here will probably know NaijaBrandChick, she’s the same lady behind the food brand, Nellies. A few days back, I somehow stumbled upon a deal that was offered on her page, it somewhat seemed like a mouth watering deal so I thought I should take advantage of it. The deal was; if you order any items from Nellie’s above 5K you’d get a shout out from NaijaBrandChick Insta stories. Well, I guess I wanted the shout-out, but at the same time I also wanted to taste their food so it was a win-win for me 😀
So I sent them a DM and asked them to recommend anything for me that falls within the range of 5K and they recommended the following items:

– Chicken and Plantain Quesadillas
– Banana Bread
– Pineapple drink and
– Tummy Blast.

I received the items within an hour and I initially liked that the paper pack was sealed tight with tapes, this helped to retain the heat. But on the long run, I didn’t like the idea and I will tell you why 😩
My review about the food is going to be one kyn oh, I honestly don’t know if I will be having the right words to review these things I had, but let me continue writing and see how it comes 🤦🏾‍♂️


Chicken & Plantain Quesadillas – ₦1,500

Nellies Abuja Chicken Qesadillas 1 - LET'S CHECK OUT NELLIES
Quesadillas is a Mexican dish, but since Plantain is in it, I’d say it’s now a fusion of Mexican and Columbian. This Quesadillas had eggs and vegetables in it, and it tasted really good, but guess what I hated about it, the presentation. I honestly couldn’t enjoy the food because of the presentation, God I was literally stressing myself to eat. I had to keep it in the fridge until I was really hungry. If they had packaged it properly, maybe like how pizza is packaged then the food would have been enjoyed well. The just forced it into this small box and it just scattered the whole thing. They literally forced a circle into a square. Okay, imaging forcing half pizza inside a paper box and have it delivered to you, will you enjoy it? They should change this packaging biko because everything was literally falling out of place. Like, I kid you not, click here to see what food looked like when turned into a plate. Well, it tasted good but didn’t enjoy the convenience one bit.
Oh, I think I almost forgot to mention one very important detail, Quesadillas is made using tortilla bread and it’s a baked dish, but this one was made just like thin pancakes. In fact, I somehow felt I was eating crepes, plantain, eggs and vegetables all scattered in a box. This is not the Quesadillas I know please.


Banana Bread – ₦2,000

Nellies Abuja Banana Bread - LET'S CHECK OUT NELLIES
Please remind me never to buy banana bread from anywhere ever again. Oh no, it’s not them, it’s just me. I’ve never liked bananas but I thought since I love bread, I’d probably be able to enjoy it when it is made in a bread meal. It turns out I still didn’t 🤦🏾‍♂️
The looks of banana bread is so appetizing, but I had to give the remaining to my neighbour. My neighbour said it tasted really good, but minus the taste, she actually still didn’t enjoy it for almost the same reason as the Quesadillas, it was also scattering anyhow. Is that how banana bread is supposed to be? Or is it not bread again? Isn’t it supposed to be firm and together? The crumbs kept on scattering and my neighbour had to be eating it as if she’s rolling swallow 😂


Mini Pineapple drink and Tummy blast – ₦600

Nellies Abuja Tummy Blast - LET'S CHECK OUT NELLIES
Both drinks had ginger in them. The Tummy blast is basically Zobo with ginger. I love ginger so I enjoyed the drinks, but they were too small for me (25cl). It was later I realised that they also sell the larger ones for ₦1,200 which is quite a fair price.

To cap it up, if you’re looking for taste and don’t mind the inconveniences that come with it, then feel free to order from them. But if you’re looking for the authentic real deal like the Quesadillas, then this is not your go to place to order.

  • Fiyin
    Posted at 12:12h, 08 NovemberReply

    This was a great read!!!

    I especially loved your sincerity as this is my first time visiting your blog!

    Banana Bread is great I have had exceptional Banana Bread from @Mofruitys on Instagram. You can check them out and they come in different variants.

    Keep up the good work ❤️

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 12:27h, 08 NovemberReply

      Thank you for your kind words Fiyin! As it’s your first time visiting my blog, I have now subscribed you to be receiving my newest posts, you can choose to opt out at anytime. I will later check out Mofruitys some time! ❤️

      • Austin
        Posted at 19:20h, 08 NovemberReply

        This was funny and not funny at the same time

  • Clara
    Posted at 12:22h, 09 NovemberReply

    Thank you for the review, not trying them even when hungry. Presentation is important to me

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 18:42h, 09 NovemberReply

      Even when hungry? Lol

  • Veev
    Posted at 18:34h, 09 NovemberReply

    I’m here lmao! All for 5k! I’m in wow!

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 00:16h, 10 NovemberReply

      Umm…Was actually less than 5K. Lol

  • Priscilla
    Posted at 21:41h, 09 NovemberReply

    Lol. I love the fact you were being real mehn , nothing beats that.

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 22:03h, 09 NovemberReply

      Thanks for your comment Priscilla. I try to point out everything I can find in a dish.

  • Bekah
    Posted at 11:56h, 11 NovemberReply

    You’re very good at this and I admire the fact that you are able to combine constructive criticism of the food with honesty and not just being a critic alone. Welldone

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 12:01h, 11 NovemberReply

      Damn meeehn!!! Thanks for these remarks ❤️

  • Cecilia Essien
    Posted at 13:55h, 29 NovemberReply

    I really loved the review you gave about the packaging of their quesadillas. I want to believe the banana bread you got is “low carb” because she sells low carb healthy meals so probably it wasn’t baked with the regular flour but with the gluten free flours except otherwise. The taste might not be so appealing like the regular ones made with a lot of sugar. In all thumbs up on the review

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 14:35h, 29 NovemberReply

      Ooooh I get your point now. Maybe this explains it. But even if she baked with regular flour, I doubt I’ll still buy banana bread from anywhere because I have now come to accept that I just don’t like bananas 🙈 And thank you for your compliment 🤗

  • Mercy Philip
    Posted at 07:18h, 03 DecemberReply

    This is a nice review and very honest too. First time visiting your blog and I loved it. Good job.

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 07:46h, 03 DecemberReply

      Thank you so much for your kind gesture 🤗

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