Nothing beats a homemade meal prepared out of pure love and care, and nothing is worst than a soggy watery lasagne prepared only for your tastebuds but exempting the sense of your sight. Always remember that in culinary, we eat with our eyes before it gets to our mouth. Some days I get in the mood for pasta, and I can’t help but to settle that craving. Today, this craving happens to be for lasagne.

For a while now I’ve been bragging about being the best at making authentic lasagne 😊. Feel free to quote me anytime, and feel free to call me to make for you, just buy the ingredients and we’re good 😉

So, first off, there are rules to ensuring that you get the best results out of your lasagne, and I ensure that all of these rules apply.

  • Rule 1. Lasagne sheets must be cooked to full done
  • Rule 2. Your mince meat tomato sauce shouldn’t be too watery
  • Rule 3. Your lasagne must visit the oven twice.


Lasagne Sheets - QUICK FIX LASAGNE

Before we delve into breaking these rules, here are the ingredients required for a wonderfully made lasagne meal.

  • 4 Lasagne sheets
  • 400gr Mozzarella
  • 400gr Minced Beef
  • 2 cups of Fresh Tomatoes Paste
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Salt

I’ve had lasagne in several different restaurants, A Class being one that really nailed it.

So here are my rules to follow:

Rule 1:

Contrary to a belief that lasagne sheets should be cooked al-dente, your lasagne sheets must be fully cooked because your oven is most likely not going to get it any softer. Actually I’m speaking from my own type of oven. My oven has it’s heat rods located at the top, this may be a reason why my sheets doesn’t get any softer, but well, I don’t know, maybe you’re truly meant to have a full done lasagne. So I’d advice that you have your lasagne sheets fully cooked. There’s a high chance of your lasagne sheets breaking off during the boiling process, but don’t fret, it’s normal for the sheets to break off, but not into many scattered pieces. I usually boil my sheets are very low heat just so that they don’t end up breaking away and this makes it easier to layer with the minced meat sauce.

Rule 2:

If your tomato paste isn’t properly fried and dried up, even combining with the minced meat, you probably would end up with a sour taste and mushy lasagne. It’s very important to have your minced meat evenly combined with the tomato sauce. For me, I ensure that the meat is just browned enough, but not turning golden brown before adding in my raw fresh tomatoes paste. You see, doing it this way will make your tomato cook together with the beef, thereby giving it an even well combined new flavour of its own.

Rule 3:

After your layering has been done, it’s time to send to the oven. Here’s the trick. With an aluminum foil, cover the top of the casserole bowl. Covering it prevents the cheese from browning/burning up, but it leaves enough time for the baking and forming process of the entire dish. After 20 mins of staying in the oven at 250 degrees Celsius, take off the foil and allow to bake again for about 7 minutes for cheese to brown.

There you have it, your lovely serving of authentic Italian Lasagne!

Home made Lasagne - QUICK FIX LASAGNE



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