So sometime this week @spicerelish sent me an email requesting I should review their dishes. I usually only review established dine-in restaurants but I loved their approach, so why not? I even need to start reviewing online restaurants considering that there’s now many of them springing up this post-lockdown period.

Relish is new to the business and telling from their page, I think they’re starting on a pretty good note by keeping their menu very simple. I love how courteous communicating with the chef/owner was, I see courtesy as a reflection of your business and how you treat your customers. I love their packaging and presentation. The prices on their page compared with the food portion was absolutely great value for money! In fact, I hope they’re making profit from this, and I hope this is actually the standards that they use in serving other customers oh 🤔.

Anyways, so they offered me a couple of dishes for food tasting and I remember stating clearly that “if your food is not sweet I will not post on my page oh” 😂, and they said that is fine, and I said “okay na, send it”. So obviously, since I’m posting it on my blog now it means that their food is worth is right?
As we go down this post, I will detail what I really think about their food, the pros and the cons.
Overall, this was absolutely great cooking, but wait to read in exact details the constructive criticism of the individual dishes itemized below.

– Shawarma
– Chicken Wings
– Chinese Rice & Mongolian Beef Sauce
– Native Pasta (Spaghetti)

Shawarma – ₦2,000

Spice Relish Abuja Shawarma - LET'S ORDER FROM SPICE RELISH
I know you’re about to say that this shawarma is slightly more expensive than other shawarmas but just listen first to what I have to say. I think the price is worth it because this particular shawarma actually studied in Harvard, it would have been worth more than 2K if it didn’t drop out of school. Lol.
Apparently, the shawarma had everything inside it and be sure to definitely get filled up, it’s a whole meal. There were red and yellow bell peppers inside it sef, plenty of chicken in it and my best part is, I love that the sausage in it was all diced. When I asked the chef why, she said that she wants people to get a taste of the whole meal with every bite! Hardly will you see someone take their time to make shawarma with this much consideration and care. My only issue with the shawarma is that for me, shawarma is not supposed to be dripping sauce, it makes it uneasy for me to enjoy it, and for the fact that it didn’t have a firm grip was another problem for me. I usually don’t like shawarmas that scatter around. But when it comes to taste, quality, quantity and value for money, this Shawarma is a big GO!

Chicken Wings – ₦1,500

Spice Relish Abuja Chicken Wings - LET'S ORDER FROM SPICE RELISH
Wings are usually not my go-to order when I want to enjoy chicken because I always find it difficult to enjoy huge chunks of flesh from one bite, also, most wings I have are usually stringy. But I particularly liked this one because it was very tender, wasn’t stringy and wasn’t sticking to my teeth. I would suggest that they should maintain good relationship with whoever supplies them chicken parts, because the tenderness of the chicken was dope! I can’t really talk about the quality of the sauce smeared on the chicken because I think it tasted like store-bought sauce,HP Barbecue sauceto be precise. But if the sauce was made in-house, then they really tried mehn.

Chinese Rice & Mongolian Beef Sauce – ₦4,500

Spice Relish Abuja Chinese Rice - LET'S ORDER FROM SPICE RELISH

Two spices I hate the most are cinnamon and nutmeg, and I think nutmeg was infused in this rice. For me this rice would have been the best dish on my table but the spice that was used doesn’t sit right with me. In their defense, it’s not too much that was used oh, I just don’t like the smell and taste of these spices but I believe if you’re not like me, then you will love this especially because it was super rich in shrimps, vegetables and eggs and even beef chunks was surplus, very tender and moderately cut to fit into every scoop. Spice Relish Abuja Mongolian Beef Sauce - LET'S ORDER FROM SPICE RELISHThe Mongolian beef sauce too was moderately spiced, so even though you add it to the rice you won’t get a super salty/spiced dish, it will still balance well with the rice. I wish I’d have given this rice the best review but it’s just the nutmeg for me, and that’s my fault 😫

Native Pasta – ₦4,500

Spice Relish Abuja Native Spaghetti - LET'S ORDER FROM SPICE RELISH
If I begin to write about this spaghetti you will not leave this page today. Plenty plenty things in this spaghetti eh, Jesus! Huge chunks of fish scattered here and there, then balanced well with one big dried catfish. The red oil was just the right amount, in fact, I have a feeling that they used a mix of bit of red oil and a bit of veg oil to balance the colouring and glossiness (I’m not sure). In short, this is your go-to dish if you’re looking for that native rice taste, but made with pasta.

I know that from this post Spice Relish might seem a bit perfect, but I have the feeling that they particularly took their time in making this one to ensure that they get a positive feedback, lol. So what I will do is, one day I’m going to anonymously order from them and see how well they maintain this same standards in terms of quantity, taste and packaging. If I notice one kpekem changes in their service, I will come back to my page and write again, periodt! 😏

  • Success okpara
    Posted at 12:39h, 08 OctoberReply

    Great review. Thanks for sharing. Would definitely check out the restaurant someday.

  • Success okpara
    Posted at 12:44h, 08 OctoberReply

    Btw, what you “hate” about the shawarma is what I “love” most about shawarmas. For me, if the sauce is not dripping, it’s not a good shawarma. Periodt!

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 13:39h, 08 OctoberReply

      Loool! True. I can’t be surprised at people’s preferences anymore. The shawarma is awesome, you should try it.

  • So.mange
    Posted at 14:40h, 08 OctoberReply

    I loved this review. I agree with the wings. You’ve made me want to try the Shawarma now.

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 14:52h, 08 OctoberReply

      Your belly will definitely be filled. Lol

  • Spice Relish
    Posted at 15:19h, 08 OctoberReply

    Thank you for the review, we really love how detailed this was and i couldn’t have said it better myself. I can assure you that we give the same standards to every customer as it’s a reflection of the business.

    I look forward to anonymously taking your order. You won’t be disappointed.

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 15:39h, 08 OctoberReply

      Awesome cooking for real! And forgive me in the part I said nutmeg, it’s Cinnamon that I tasted, not nutmeg. Lol

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