6 months after our last #EatWithChukwuma hangout at Rhapsody’s in Lekki, I went to the new one they recently opened in Ikeja GRA. They have their mainland outlet in Ikeja City Mall, now they’ve opened another one in Montana Cubana. These guys must be really cashing out with plenty customers that they had to open another branch in the same area.

During our hangout at the Lekki branch, I remembered that people didn’t even complain about anything, from food to service. Food was just everywhere that day, the Manager, Mr Abed even gave us extra food on the house. No for real mehn, their service was really nice and hospitable on that day, but that was in Lekki.

I’ve been to the one at ICM but I only went for a drink, this time around I went to the new branch at Ikeja GRA and Dami joined me. In fact, speaking about being hospitable see what actually happened; a waiter noticed that fly touched the tip of Dami’s straw. The waiter immediately went to fetch another straw without even being told. Even Dami did not care about the fly but the waiter did. To be honest, I was impressed 👏🏽👏🏽. You can see the video reaction on my Instagram.

So Rhapsody’s still has the same signature concept that you can identify with. Same long cushions seating style, with a few high cocktail seats and tables, the bar area right in the middle and outdoor area. It’s typically just like a duplicate of the other Rhapsody’s outlets. Very chilled and cozy 👌🏾

We ordered a 2-course meal on this day.

Before we ordered, first thing I asked them was if their beef cuts are imported, they said yes. I immediately ordered for T-bone steak, but they didn’t have it available 🤦🏾‍♂️, so I ended up ordering for Pork Ribs.


For starters, we had Their Sharing Platter – ₦8,000

This spring rolls in the Platter was the crunchiest spring roll I’ve ever tasted. In fact, it was in between crunchy and flaky, and it was really nice, no too much oil or anything 👌🏾. The peppered chicken was extremely tender. You know that type that melts in your mouth.

The suya beef was very tender and juicy and the Platter was served with potato wedges, not Irish.


Pork Ribs – ₦7,000

The thing I didn’t like is that the racks were quite thin and small, I mean, I’ve seen thicker ribs, even if it’s just 3 racks. Or could it be baby pigs that were used? 🤔 I couldn’t tell.

It was tiny that I had to use my fingers to eat it because fork and knife won’t just do, although, it was very delicious and it was even sweeter using my hands. Lol

My favourite side is always mashed potatoes, and this one was served with olive oil by default. When I asked why it was served with olive oil, they said it could be changed if I wanted them to remove it, but I was actually cool with it. Actually, it’s common for Lebanese to serve with olive oil, just like they serve houmous dishes.


Seafood Espetada  – ₦8,500

I’ve had this same dish at Rhapsody’s before, so I left that for Dami to order. Well, he had nothing to complain about it. I only took a taste of the Calamari and it was just tender enough, so I guess it’s safe for you to try it out yourself. Here’s a hint, it tastes waaay better when you squeeze out some of the lemon juice on it before having a bite. Thank me later. Although I really wish I could give more details about this dish but unfortunately I only had a small taste.


Overall, we all know that Rhapsody’s is an on-point restaurant and there aren’t many bad reviews about them online. So if you’re a regular Rhapsody’s customer, you should know that they’ve opened a new branch in Ikeja.

Thanks for reading 😉

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