When a place is named Rice Bowl what else will you expect? Well, my friends and I visited Rice Bowl the other day and the idea was to try out rice variety from their menu, unfortunately for me they did not have Mexican Rice, Guacamole and Salsa at that moment and this really got to me 🤦🏾‍♂️ But what annoyed me more was that I spent about an hour waiting for my friends, Uzo and Esther to get here and while I was waiting, I asked one of the waiters if they had everything on their menu and he affirmed they did, so I don’t get why they didn’t have what I really wanted to order. I particularly came here for Mexican rice and Salsa and it’s not available. E pain me I won’t lie 🤦🏾‍♂️
Fortunately for me, the restaurant owner was kind enough to offer a free drink, she could tell I was waiting for my dining partners and felt the need to proffer me any drink of my choice, so I opted for the ginger lemon. For me, that gesture was a big score with operating a food establishment 👌🏾
Now, contrary to how it looks on Instagram, Rice Bowl is quite a small place that could probably sit about a total of 15-17 people tops, and décor is so simple and minimal and they serve with a food display setting, but only a few dishes are served as A La Carte. This place is best suited for a first time date, casual meet up or work break meal especially because your food really won’t take time to be ready.
So here are the items we ordered for the day.

  • Mongolian Bowl
  • Oriental Rice
  • Special Salad
  • Ginger lemon

Mongolian Bowl: ₦3,000

Rice Bowl Mongolian Beef Sauce - LET'S CHECK OUT RICE BOWL, WUSE 2

This was Mongolian Beef sauce served with Jasmine rice. The sauce is of the Taiwan origin, hence, the reason why on the menu it was categorized under the “Asian category” I loved the presentation and I loved the taste. Obviously, the average Nigerian taste buds enjoy their food a bit spicy; Mongolian Beef sauce is a non-spicy meal and I think that could be why chili flakes was garnished on the white rice. This garnishing didn’t only help with beautification, but it constituted to the fact that the chef really knows what he’s doing by serving us an authentic sauce.
I couldn’t find anything to flaw about this dish when it comes to taste and richness, but when it comes to portioning, I think for a dish of 3K, they could have done better with the quantity of sauce and beef served with the rice.

Oriental Rice: ₦1,600, Chicken Wings: 1,500, Meat Balls: 1,500, Plantain: 400

Rice Bowl Oriental - LET'S CHECK OUT RICE BOWL, WUSE 2

I didn’t order this but I don’t think they got good value for money because all of these extras made it super expensive. 5 pieces of fried plantain costs an extra 400 bucks, 3 pieces of wings costs 1,500 while 4 meatballs also cost 1,500. Naaah, this wasn’t well priced…so expensive. I had a taste from his rice, meatballs and plantain, while I had a taste of Esther’s chicken, and I would say it wasn’t bad though. As a matter of fact, slicing the chicken with a spoon had the flesh easily fall out the bone, that’s to tell you how tender it was. But this chicken wings aren’t of the plus size type, they were actually small and that’s the more reason to complain about that price.

Special Salad: ₦1,500

Rice Bowl Special Salad - LET'S CHECK OUT RICE BOWL, WUSE 2

Special Salad here is regular salad without any protein in it, and maybe that’s what makes it special, lol. This vegetable salad was served super fresh and all round crunchy, and I loved that it was also served with fresh slices of apples! I would have preferred if it was served in a bowl rather than a flat plate so to make it easy mixing the salad cream. As a matter of fact, I felt the salad cream wasn’t enough, we had to request for extra. The waiter told us it comes with an extra fee but we didn’t agree, so in the end it didn’t reflect on the bill, so I guess they eventually gave it to us as complementary. I think if the salad was served in a bowl, maybe the cream would have been enough for us when properly mixed. But overall, I loved the cream, and they said it was homemade as well.

Ginger Lemon: ₦500

Rice Bowl Lemon Ginger drink - LET'S CHECK OUT RICE BOWL, WUSE 2

I love a ginger drink any day anytime, I particularly loved this one. By the way, it was stated on their Instagram page that water and soft drinks are free for any meal purchased, but I later found out in our bill that we paid ₦200 for the water we had, and we didn’t pay for the Pepsi, so I really don’t understand this mix up.

Like I earlier said, this place is suitable for a first date, there are no distractions here, no loud music, no televisions, just you and your conversations. Even though it’s a small place, I doubt you’d be able to evaesdrop on someone else’s conversations and vice versa. Here isn’t that bad at all.

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