Quite an unpopular place but if what you’re looking for is a chilled evening lagoon breeze around Ikoyi and no weed smokers around, then this place is for you.

Loud music, but not too loud to hinder conversations, or maybe it’s because I was there on a Thursday evening.

Note that it’s not your regular Lagos fancy lifestyle restaurant but it does the work for evening chills, plus it’s in a coded area.

So here’s a lirru about the dishes I had.

Asun ₦1,000: This asun was peppery af 😂

If you look closely you will even see the pepper seeds. You should only order for asun here on a very chilled evening when you know your tongue can take it.

I love pepper but I know when to warn you when something is actually very peppery.

Croaker fish with Yam and Coleslaw ₦2,500:

The Croaker fish was just normal. I can neither point out flaws nor give out praises.

As for the yam… Fried yam is a normal thing to prepare, it was neither half done or over fried, just crisp enough.

The coleslaw didn’t have a stale taste, so I guess they were aii 🤷🏾‍♂️ As for that yam sauce…. It was extremely nice! It was thick and with just the right amount of spices to augment the yam 👌🏾

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