Sequence Lounge Abuja - LET'S CHECK OUT SEQUENCE LOUNGE, MAITAMASequence opened a few months to the end of 2020 and we knew we had to go check it out. By “we”, you already know it’s no other person than my drinks buddy expert, Tomi. She had been earlier introduced in my first drink series so feel free to learn more about her here.

Let me start by addressing my observations about the space before heading to what Tomi felt about their drinks. First off, it’s a very decent place and so mature especially in terms of décor and class. This place was typically designed to be an indoor lounge, nothing more. From the booth-like sitting arrangement to the furnishing down to the menu. The interior of the place extends a wooden feel that is extremely refined, tasteful, superior, just think of any words that’s opposite to tacky that is what’s in here, such a very wonderful finishing that stands out 👌🏾 As a matter of fact, I’ve probably never had a more comfortable lounging experience than what Sequence offers. Customer experience here was so well thought of that even the seats had phone charging ports beneath to encourage both using your devices while charging while large TV screens directly faces every seating booth.

But you may have noticed that I keep talking about lounging because even though they offer quite an extensive range of food items, I would never recommend here as an actual restaurant. The seating here does not promote a comfortable dining at all, it’s difficult to explain in writing but I assure you that you will find it hard to enjoy your meal if you’re visiting just for eats. Even their Instagram page promotes the place more as a lounge than an actual restaurant, but the manager kept trying to convince us that it’s more of a restaurant than a lounge which just didn’t make sense to me.

Tomi and I knew we had to check this place out for their drinks, because since it’s a typical lounge, their drinks game should at least be on point. So we walked straight to the bar and saw that the bar had no stools, yes, this is not the type of bar where you can sit and have drinks. Go to your seats and your drinks will be brought to you. Lol. And that was how we missed the experience of watching our drinks being made. For a really nice lounge like this with a wide variety of cocktail menu? It just didn’t make any sense to me. Anyhow sha, we took our seats and waited for the drinks.

Piña Colada: ₦2,000

Sequence Lounge Abuja Pina Colada - LET'S CHECK OUT SEQUENCE LOUNGE, MAITAMA Piña Colada is a combination of coconut cream, pineapple and rum. The cup and the garnishing was just how Pina Colada is usually served, however, Tomi wasn’t cool with the taste at all; her remark was that it tasted more like milkshake than an actual Pina Colada and the alcohol quantity was definitely even less than a shot. My guess was maybe it’s because it’s too cheap to be actual Pina Colada, cos only probably about a drop of rum is what was used in it; the Rum didn’t catch at all.

Mojito: ₦2,000


Tomi’s take on the Mojito is that the quantity was too small, especially for a fact that it lacked alcohol. It was served in a small highball glass and with just one gulp, you’re probably through with your drink 😅. Although the taste of the mints leaves and other ingredients revealed itself, however, the is highly not recommended.


My take is that here best fits for having bottles and typically lounging. I will go here again because it’s a really chilled spot, and yes, because it’s affordable. But instead of ordering for cocktails, I’d rather just buy a bottle of wine or liquor and mix with coke 🤷🏾‍♂️

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    Thanks for this review… I should check it out when in Abuja.

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