There’s this Chinese restaurant in Abuja, Sinoni…it’s almost as old as Abuja itself, lol, just kidding, but it’s really old, about 12 years in business. When you see places like this, just know that they must be doing something right that has made them remain in business this long. It’s Nigerian owned with Chinese chefs, and their menu is very extensive and authentic Chinese. When you enter here, you will know that it is mostly the Abuja big men looking for coded places to eat that come here 😅

Anyhoo, myself and Princess of @minister.of.enjoyment went to check it out the other day, so many private rooms even one that could pass as a romantic spot. The main dining space is heavily loaded with Chinese decor. The decor may not pass for your Instagram restaurant, but I could tell that their focus is mainly on authentic Chinese food, not the modern-day fancy restaurant decor.

We were told that when Nigerians order food, their chefs usually makes it fit the Nigerian taste buds, but when a Chinese person orders, they make it with hardcore Chinese spices. As the food adventurers that we are, Princess and I asked them to make our own with hardcore Chinese spices 😂

There was something unique about their food menu, they had a platter menu for Chinese light bites (cold and hot dishes), then they had another extensive menu which seems as heavy as a textbook with pictures of all their dishes.

Here are the items we had:


Dim Sum Platter

Dim Sum Platter – ₦5,000

The platter contained a total of 16 boiled Chinese dumplings;

  • Chicken Shao Mai (4pcs)
  • Leek & Egg Dumplings (4pcs)
  • Beef & Onion Dumplings (4pcs)
  • Beef & Onion Steamed Bun (2pcs)
  • Chicken Mushroom Steamed Bun (2pcs)

My favourite was the Leek and Egg Dumplings. I wish I could detail the taste of these dumplings but all I could say was that it was extremely yummy, others were good as well but I believe you’d also prefer this to the others.

Hot Titbit Platter – ₦7,500

  • Fried Beef Balls (4pcs)
  • Geely Shrimp Rolls (2pcs)
  • Crispy Fried Wonton (4pcs)
  • Garlic Chicken Wings (2pcs)
  • Crispy Fried Chicken Wings (2pcs)
  • Shrimps Mayonnaise Spring Rolls (2pcs)

This platter was basically a mixture of beef, wings and shrimps. My favourite was the spring rolls. It would have been the Geely Shrimps but it was a bit too oily for me. Princess and I asked them why there was much oil; in their words; they explained that “they are deep fried so they come like that and Chinese food isn’t dried off like you would perhaps fried plantains, as Chinese food is often straight off from the hot pot to the plate served hot and crispy”. Anyways, when I visit next, I know what I know the exact dishes I will be ordering 😊



Special Fried Rice – ₦2,000

There’s nothing here to complain about, it was just in the usual special fried rice ratio of eggs, shrimps, veges etc., and the portion was generous enough for that price. Most Chinese restaurants even have their Special Fried rice at ₦3,500, so I’ll give it to them on this one 👍🏽

Squirrel Fish with Chilli Pepper Sauce – ₦5,800

I enjoyed this fish well! Very boneless plus the sauce was very generous and tasty. You might think this price is too much for Chinese sauces compared with other Chinese restaurant, but the portion is actually so large that it can take 2 people.

My advice will be to visit with a second when ordering for any of their sauces.  I’ll be going back to try out their other sauces.

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  1. Norah Ikoh September 2, 2019 at 9:50 am

    Will definitely try them out when I visit Abuja


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