If you live on the Island, you’d probably already know Sushiholic, they’ve been open for more than a year now.

This place is Japanese to the core, the menu was even turning my eyes that I had to call the waitress to order for me based on what the average Nigerian eats here. I knew I wanted my budget below 8K and I wanted to have a starter and a main. The waitress really understood the menu and was confident about helping me with the order. She even knew how they taste, also very friendly and courteous. Why do I have the feeling that they were all compelled to eat sushi before working here 😂

So I came here today for one reason only, to understand how Japanese enjoy sushi. I’ve had sushi a few times but that was a while ago, this time around, I wanted to document it properly.

So, Sushiholic is a typical casual restaurant, this is the type of place to take your babe on a fun and low budget date. I said low budget because even your babe won’t want to spend so much money on an experimental meal 😅, however, the environment is cosy enough to promote good non-distracting conversations. And trust me, it will be fun to watch you both deliberate on whether to use chopsticks or fingers 😂

And contrary to what people think, those little rolls of sushi are actually very filling.

About the food, considering that I am not familiar with the order of serving sushi dishes, I simply asked for everything to be served together in no particular order, after all, everything on the menu was basically sushi, so I might as well just have everything in one serving.

As we already know, not every sushi is raw fish, so, I picked my order by mixing up some raw, some fried and some cooked, and I picked the basic sushi dishes that I would be able to catch the taste and explain even if it’s a little.

Sushi is quite an easy dish, no long thing with preparations, and mostly not even spiced, so most times it could be difficult to identify individual tastes.

So this is what I had;



Sushi Shrimps – ₦1,400

This is 2 pieces of boiled shrimps that is carefully designed in a manner to lay perfectly well on sticky sushi rice. I don’t think there was any spicing added to this, it just had the normal sushi rice taste (sweet) with shrimp.

Salmon Skin (Hosomaki Salmon) – ₦1,600

Hosomaki is a type of sushi roll using seaweed on the outside (the thin black layer that rolls it up), rice in the second layer, and fried salmon skin on the inside. This sushi had quite a buttery taste and feel in my tongue possibly because the salmon skin was fried.



Sesame California – ₦1,900

This was a combination of partially boiled crab, avocado and cucumber inside of the rice roll. This sushi had a Crispy outside feel mostly because it’s covered with fried flour. And don’t expect crab shells, it’s just tiny cutlets of the crab meat inside.

Crispy Tempura – ₦2,500

The main difference between this and the Sesame California is that it’s dipped in Teriyaki sauce and with the absence of cucumber. It also has a Crispy feel because the shrimps in it are fried.

So there’s something I must add; for the Nigerian taste bud, eating sushi with ginger makes everything way better! In fact, you may end up loving sushi, so if you’re trying for the first time, make sure you’re served with ginger on the side, and if there isn’t ginger, order for a ginger beer. I had my sushi with ginger and I still ordered a ginger beer on top.

If you happen to try it, please try a different sushi from what I had and share your experience with me 🤗

Taink you! 😊

PS: Who can tell why wasabi is always served alongside Sushi?


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