The Six by Lovitoz 2 - LET’S CHECK OUT THE SIX BY LOVITOZ, UTAKO I visited The SIX by Lovitoz restaurant last week for a food tasting with Waka Waka Nnena, Abuja City Tourist and Abuja Food Plug. I must tell you, this place isn’t your regular restaurant, it’s a one of a kind of dining experience that hosts only a maximum of 6 people per sitting. That is; 24 hours prior reservations only, no walk-ins allowed, no waiters (just one butler). The setting of this place is more like a simple but classy dining room housed inside of an apartment building; no signages, just walk into the building and find the restaurant. The butler, CJ would take care of us today and CJ was so good at this, he literally knew in details about every single dish we had like he was the assistant chef. He was super handy, very conversational and was so attentive to all our needs. If you dine here, he will be like your personal house help throughout your entire dining experience.

We had a lot to eat on this day and I made sure to have a taste of every of the items.

Here’s what we had:

  • Starter Platter
  • Deep Pan Cheesy Pasta
  • Meatball + Plain White Rice
  • Lovitoz Jerk Chicken
  • Shredded Beef Sauce with Special Fried Rice
  • BBQ Pork Ribs
  • Banana Bread & Ice Cream
  • Chapman

Starter Platter: ₦7,000

The Six by Lovitoz 7 - LET’S CHECK OUT THE SIX BY LOVITOZ, UTAKOInside this platter, we were served BBQ chicken wings, beef samosas and vegetable spring rolls with a bowl of peppered sauce. The wings was quite different from wings in other restaurants. The wings here are the complete chicken wings down to the wing tip (flapper). The chicken was so tender and tasted so good, I can still feel the tenderness in my tongue. As for the spring rolls and samosas, they were good as well but I couldn’t help but notice that it was deep fried rather than air fried, so I had quite an amount of oil in my finger tips after one bite. It’s not bad for deep frying, but I think an oil-conscious person would tag it as a complaint for being too oily.

Deep Pan Cheesy Pasta: ₦6,000

The Six by Lovitoz 3 - LET’S CHECK OUT THE SIX BY LOVITOZ, UTAKOFusilli pasta served with bell peppers, grilled chicken and cheese. What I loved the most about this wasn’t just the presentation, but the fact that it contained various other cheeses. I couldn’t tell the particular cheeses used in here but I could capture the taste of various cheeses other than just Mozzarella. If you’re a lover of cheese, then I promise you heaven in a plate is what is being dished here.

Meatball + Plain White Rice: ₦4,000

The Six by Lovitoz 8 - LET’S CHECK OUT THE SIX BY LOVITOZ, UTAKOOkay, so this dish is basically rice and stew with meatballs. The stew might even be enough to serve 3 people because it was damn too much in a bowl for just one serving. This bowl is very deep, it’s not like those scam calabash bowls used in serving Nkwobi, and there are even more meatballs inside. I couldn’t help but notice how rich the stew was, very rich and thick in fresh tomatoes and the meatballs were just swimming all over the bowl. I think I could roughly count up to 8 meatballs in the bowl. This dish tasted so fresh! The white rice used here was basmati and it was garnished with spring onions for beautification.

Lovitoz Jerk Chicken: ₦5,000

The Six by Lovitoz 11 - LET’S CHECK OUT THE SIX BY LOVITOZ, UTAKOFirst, the presentation was wonderful, served with cherry tomato and lemons beside it to balance the flavours if needed. Once you have a bite, you could tell it was truly “jerky”, slow grilled to the perfect season level and tenderness with slight burns on its skin. That is just exactly how Jerk Chicken should be grilled.

Shredded Beef Sauce with Special Fried Rice: ₦5,000

The Six by Lovitoz 9 - LET’S CHECK OUT THE SIX BY LOVITOZ, UTAKOThe Six by Lovitoz 10 - LET’S CHECK OUT THE SIX BY LOVITOZ, UTAKOThe special friend rice alone had the magic, moderately seasoned, so rich with all it’s condiments. But accompanied with the sauce, it was just too wonderful. I wish I could provide every detail of what made this taste really good but I wouldn’t want to bore you with too much information. Also, the sauce was to die for!

BBQ Pork Ribs: ₦7,000

The Six by Lovitoz 5 1 - LET’S CHECK OUT THE SIX BY LOVITOZ, UTAKOThis was my ultimate highlight for the day! This particular cut serves 2 people, so basically it is ₦14,000 sitting in this plate. This was extremely yummy, so juicy so tender that a fork could barely pierce into its flesh and it melts right in the tongue before even getting to chew. It was finely grilled cooked to perfection and smeared with BBQ sauce. I asked the butler how they were able to get such meat cut and he told me it was imported, maybe that explained the tenderness of the cut because Nigerian meat/pork aren’t usually this tender. But overall, I loved this with all my heart and I am really surprised that this is just ₦7,000 in such an establishment.

Banana Bread and Ice cream: ₦3,000

The Six by Lovitoz 1 scaled - LET’S CHECK OUT THE SIX BY LOVITOZ, UTAKOVery yummy and creative dessert. 2 slices of banana bread sandwiched with whipping cream, dressed with vanilla flavour and served with ice cream then garnished with syrup. A total must-try.

Chapman: ₦1,500

The Six by Lovitoz 6 - LET’S CHECK OUT THE SIX BY LOVITOZ, UTAKOI got the punch right from my first sip, I could immediately tell it was original chapman! Most Chapmans are usually just very sugary but this one was actually very sugary but had dominant lemon juice taste just enough to balance the sugar. See, my tongue immediately picked every single flavour here, they did it so well and the presentation was also awesome, but the serving quantity wasn’t too much, although I didn’t really get it when the butler said that chapman is usually served as complimentary and can be refilled if you ask for it. But I tell you, this restaurant has made me fall in love with chapman all over again.

If I tasted all of these and they were all so good, then I’d like to believe same standard applies with all their dishes. But what I can guarantee you is that if you try any of these items I tried, I bet it will match up with how I have described.

Now, even though here isn’t a cheap place, but for a place like this it’s not ridiculously as expensive as it should even be.

Honestly, I was completely sold by this restaurant, from its concept to CJ’s hospitality, down to the perfection in cooking to the entire experience. I will 100% recommend this restaurant because I honestly couldn’t find one flaw about it. In fact, let me go and tell my daddy about this place right now!

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    More than a restaurant
    I called it “The Six Special” It’s a lovely place to dine

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