Todays Bukka Wuse 2 Abuja 3 - LET'S CHECK OUT TODAY'S BUKKA, WUSE 2 I have food in my house so if I’m going to any place outside to eat, either it’s food that I cannot make at home or the vibes has to be absolutely on point. Today’s Bukka didn’t fail to deliver especially based on vibes. This place was nothing short of wonderful, from the reception, to the performers to the waiters and even down to the guests.

Today’s Bukka has a typical clean local but modern bukka style setting, board games on every table, dim night lights and wall paintings representing the African culture and style. The energy in this place was nothing like what I have felt in any other restaurant, I mean, with a very full house, I could feel the synergy of work amongst every staff here, every one was on their toes, no waiter was unnecessarily forming or being grumpy or found wanting. I want to believe it’s both the manager and the supervisor that was assisting the waiters. I think it was the manager that even cleared my table, I could tell because he was more elderly to be a waiter. This kind of energy is what staff need to motivate them and distinguish their establishment from the others. I mean, the positive vibes around the restaurant was evenly distributed around everyone that I even found waiters at their hiding spots secretly dancing to the music from the jazz band.

Oh yea, about the jazz band, I have been craving jazz music for a very long time now, the moment I saw a promotional flier on their Instagram page, I knew I had to come with my friends. We came for the jazz music but got a whole total complete package. For example, this is the only restaurant I’ve walked in on an artist taking a sketch of the guests, and the guest could be nice to tip the artist and go home with the sketch. It was such an interesting sight. This artist sketched my friend in under 10 minutes, but I can’t really say he got the sketch right in the end, lol, but at least it was something.

At this point, I’d have to talk about the food because that’s the core of every restaurant. This night I was so confused on what to order because everything on their menu happened to be what I usually would make in my own house. So I figured if I must eat something here, it has to be blog worthy.

My friends and I ended up having the following:

  • Chapman
  • Small Chops
  • 2 Plates of Beans & Plantain
  • Ijebu Garri
  • Ewa Agoyin

Chapman: (Complimentary)

Todays Bukka Wuse 2 Abuja 2 - LET'S CHECK OUT TODAY'S BUKKA, WUSE 2For a Nigerian restaurant, the kind of reception we got as we walked in here was unbelievable. As we took our seats, we didn’t even have to say Jack before we had complimentary Chapman served to us, next thing we knew, small chops came our way. What a strategy to keep us here. At this point, we couldn’t even contemplate whether or not to stay, we just knew we had to spend some money in this place or else their free Chapman would have been for nothing 😂 Anyways, their Chapman was nice. I won’t call it first class quality though cos it lacked that lemon-lime punch in it, but I enjoyed it really well especially because it was free 😂

Small Chops (puff puff, samosa) – Complimentary

Todays Bukka Wuse 2 Abuja 1 - LET'S CHECK OUT TODAY'S BUKKA, WUSE 2Everything in this plate was a hit! Puff puff was puffy enough, samosa was crunchy enough and rich in the inside. They were truly generous with the amount that was served even though it was free. As a matter of fact, this was mostly the reason we couldn’t finish our main course, because we got half way full with the small chops.

Beans Porridge: ₦2,000

Todays Bukka Wuse 2 Abuja 5 - LET'S CHECK OUT TODAY'S BUKKA, WUSE 2On the menu, Beans and Plantain costs ₦2,500, while only beans costs ₦2,000, but we were told that either ways the beans will still be served with Plantain, Fish or Meat, hence I didn’t see the need to order for Plantain on the side again. So the beans came in really quick and steaming hot, and it was prepared just how your grand mother would; very soft and very moist. It was delicious for me even though personally when I make at home I like it a little chewy and solid. As a matter of fact, I’m of the opinion that porridge beans is meant to be really soft and less chewy, so I think they actually nailed it and I see no fault in their beans. Also, there wasn’t too much nor too less of seasoning or spiciness, it was very well balanced 👌🏾

If your craving is for Grandma’s beans especially served in large quantity that you cannot finish, then you will definitely find here at Today’s Bukka.

Ijebu Garri: ₦700

Todays Bukka Wuse 2 Abuja 4 - LET'S CHECK OUT TODAY'S BUKKA, WUSE 2How on earth do you want to enjoy a plate of hot beans without Garri? So yes, we ordered for soaking Garri and it was served with sugar and Groundnut on the side (kulikuli optional). But to be honest, I’m not happy that I had to pay extra ₦300 for the water using to soak the Garri even though I’m spending 700 for the Garri and groundnut. I analysed this with my friend and the debate was; I mean, we don’t get to pay extra for the water used in steaming rice, right? So why should we pay for the water used in soaking Garri? 🤷🏾‍♂️ No, seriously, I need you to think about this properly. ₦700 to soak Garri is already a little bit on the high side, so spending an additional ₦300 on water now makes it look like I’m spending ₦1,000 because I want to soak Garri? Come on naaaau!!! Next time I’ll just ask them to kukuma serve me tap water to soak my Garri. O wrong nau 🤷🏾‍♂️

Anyways, it’s all good though, the Garri wasn’t bad actually, it’s that type that slaps and once you pour a certain amount of water in it, it stops soaking up and getting soft, it just remains crunchy as it is. Yes I know this because I carefully monitored the science of it for the sake of accurate content 😁

Ewa Agoyin: ₦2,500

Todays Bukka Wuse 2 Abuja 6 - LET'S CHECK OUT TODAY'S BUKKA, WUSE 2This one was white beans and just as soft as the brown beans and also served in a ridiculously large quantity that she also couldn’t finish. It’s the first time my friend is having this dish so she wasn’t able to rate it, but as the Lagos boy that I am, I took a spoon from it and could immediately tell that this was the exact quality of this dish. The burnt pepper and tomatoes, the amount of oil and even the type of beans used, everything just balanced well. Would have made better sense if she ordered this plate with one Agege bread, but well, she didn’t. Anyways, if you want the authentic Ewa Agoyin, I can beat my chest that you will get it here.

One of my big regrets about that night was that I didn’t order for the palm wine because I thought ₦1,000 for palm wine was too expensive compared to other palm wine joints in Abuja, but it’s just dawning on me now that maybe it’s because it’s the original one. I really should try this next time.

I guess overall, the only thing I didn’t like here was the seats, I must have stayed here too long that my back started to hurt me. We stayed here from like 7:30pm till 12 Midnight, I ordered for another beer for ₦600 because we really didn’t want to go 😭, but I wished I had stayed in those lounging chairs to relax my back better. Also, you can tell a restaurant is really keen on service when they hand you over a customer feedback form after your meal. I can tell this place is really big on customer service. My problem is that I hardly visit any restaurant twice because there are so many other places to try, but I really would love to be a returning customer 😟

In summary, anyone that came here that night and didn’t feel the vibes here is just an enemy of progress, we don’t want such negative energy 😂

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