The way people dress up to visit this place eh, you will think it’s one extremely posh fine dining restaurant. Well, it’s actually not. Urban Air is a casual restaurant with a very simple menu, small space, small work force, but with a very nice selling concept. As you might already know telling from their Instagram page, the concept simulates the dining in an airplane. The airplane leather seats, the airplane labels on the doors and the airplane window concept shows that they tried conceptualizing the feel of dining in an airplane. They tried, but I think for this concept I will give them a 5/10 because of the tacky wall papers, failed attempt at recreating hand luggage overhead cabinets, the interior décor company didn’t try for them at all 😢. The only thing they really got right was the fancy leather seats, in fact, for me these seats amounted to about 50% of the entire airplane décor.

Urban Air Restaurant Abuja Space - LET'S CHECK OUT URBAN AIR, WUSE 2
I so much loved the gesture we received after our meal, we were treated with a souvenir snack box (biscuits, small juice pack, menthol and lollipop) just like how they do it in local flights. I find this a very thoughtful act and a nice addition to the entire concept of the restaurant.

Urban Air Restaurant Abuja Souvenir - LET'S CHECK OUT URBAN AIR, WUSE 2I give them good credit for that. I also give them good credit for their waiter, very pro-active guy, even though the restaurant was extremely full, you will not find him wanting.

So on this day, Thelifestylegal (@thelifestylegal_) and I decided to visit the restaurant cos we were sold by their Instagram page. We mustn’t be the only ones sold, the way people were trooping inside here as if there was a party. All tables full, even people waiting outside for others to give up their tables. Here was really packed sha.

So, as for the food, since spring rolls, samosas and brownies weren’t available, we ended up ordering for a platter to serve as our starters and no dessert were available too ☹️

We were told that everything will be ready in 25 minutes, but after waiting for about an hour, here’s everything we had

– Platter 2
– Banga Rice
– Suya Fried Rice
– Orange Juice

Platter 2 – ₦5,000

Urban Air Restaurant Abuja Platter 2 - LET'S CHECK OUT URBAN AIR, WUSE 2
In this platter contained small sandwiches, chicken kebabs, beef kebabs, fries and salad. What I liked about the platter was the sandwich, but then again it’s just toast bread with beef chunks, cabbage and mayo (Bama). The sandwich wasn’t all that fancy but it was sha good. I didn’t like that the chicken and beef kebabs weren’t cut into smaller slices, also, both the beef and chicken weren’t tender, they were tough and very chewy. The fries was well done, in between crispy and soft, sprinkled with little pepper. Thelifestylegal and I took our time to calculate how much the platter should really be, and I think 4K would have been a better value for money. But maybe that is just the economists in us talking.

Banga Rice – ₦2,500

Urban Air Restaurant Abuja Banga Rice - LET'S CHECK OUT URBAN AIR, WUSE 2
The last time I had anything “Banga” has been over 10 years now, and this made me realise how much I’ve so much missed this dish! Oh my! This was absolutely delicious! And the pepper lover that I am, this food was made specially for me 😋. So on this note, I must warn you, if you aren’t a fan of pepper I would suggest you tell them ahead to reduce the pepper because this dish is literally on fire! It was simply delicious, they nailed it with the right rice texture, goat meat to sauce ratio, scent leaves and spices. I give them 100/100 on this one 👌🏾

Suya Fried Rice – ₦2,500

Urban Air Restaurant Abuja Suya Spice - LET'S CHECK OUT URBAN AIR, WUSE 2
Thelifestylegal had this order but of course we ate together from it. Obviously it was moderately peppered suya spiced and it was delicious as well. Wasn’t over seasoned or over peppered, just subtle enough, and I loved it! Also, the menu says “served with chicken or beef”, but apparently, it was served with both chicken and beef chunks in it, and this one was tender enough for our teeth! Loved it!

Orange Juice – ₦1,500

Urban Air Restaurant Abuja Orange Juice - LET'S CHECK OUT URBAN AIR, WUSE 2
This is freshly squeezed Oranges, not packed juice.
The idea was to order pineapple juice and orange juice, but since pineapple juice wasn’t available, we both settled for orange juice.

To cap up my experience, you would love Urban Air if you’re a fan of pepper, everything here had a certain level of pepper that the ordinary man may not be able to deal. Because of the pepper, Thelifestylegal could have sworn that the owner was either a Yoruba or Anambra person, and when we asked, guess what, she was right! The owner is Anambran! They too like pepper! 😂

Chukwuma Uchechi at Urban Air - LET'S CHECK OUT URBAN AIR, WUSE 2

Thelifestylegal & My humble self 😊

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