The Village Chief Wuse 2 Abuja 6 - LET'S CHECK OUT VILLAGE CHIEF, WUSE 2 For a while now I’ve had my mind on visiting this restaurant but something always comes up. On this good day, my friends and I thought we should go have a beer here, and it turned out to be an actual review of the place. First off, the name of the restaurant already attracts a certain level of village vibes, village ambience and what not, but I couldn’t really feel the difference between this place and other normal garden restaurants in Abuja. Other than the presentation of food here, I will say it’s just like every other normal setting and lacked that village touch. On Instagram, they keep promoting a flier titled “Tales by Moonlight” on Saturdays, I was sure to ask the waiters and even the floor manager to explain what happens during this event, and they seemed clueless because nothing else other than usual music is being played on Saturday evenings. I felt Tales by Moonlight would be when performers come to tell stories or village jokes or something. So really, where’s the village touch here? Even though the environment is quite smelly because of a nearby canal, but for some reason the place gets quite a number of crowd than other garden restaurants, so it’s just too clustered of a place for the number of people that come in here. You could literally listen to every detail of conversation by your sitting neighbours, and this same crowd could be the reason for very slow service. You’d have to wait at least 30 minutes even if your order is a bottle of water.

Now let’s talk about what we ordered:

  • Abacha
  • Village Rice
  • Agidi
  • Goat meat pepper soup
  • Palm wine

Abacha With Titus Fish: ₦2,000

The Village Chief Wuse 2 Abuja 1 - LET'S CHECK OUT VILLAGE CHIEF, WUSE 2The Abacha was relatively nice, wasn’t bad at all with an even combination of kpomo, ugba, onions and garden eggs, however, it wasn’t something I should be really impressed about especially because of the small portion for that amount. Also, can someone explain what tomato is doing inside Abacha? I get the urge to make a dish look interesting, but in some cases, less is really more. Tomato can never be served as a garnishing for Abacha, please they should take that thing away from the plate and find something more traditional and local if they must even garnish a plate of Abacha.

Village Rice: ₦950

The Village Chief Wuse 2 Abuja 2 - LET'S CHECK OUT VILLAGE CHIEF, WUSE 2This is palm oil rice, so I’d like to think what they intended serving us is actually “Native Rice”, right? But if I talk now they will say that individual Chef’s to their unique recipes, but I will keep saying that the thing about recipes is that, a standard recipe should never be altered. Take for example this Native Rice, I have never seen where spring onions is used as vegetables instead of Ugwu leaves. The use of spring onions clearly takes the “native” away from the rice. It didn’t taste bad for me, but this is not the experience of Native Rice I would like to give to a first timer. Also, they were super stingy with the amount of kpomo and stock fish in the plate. The price was good, but would have been better if it matched with the standard.

Agidi: ₦500

The Village Chief Wuse 2 Abuja 3 - LET'S CHECK OUT VILLAGE CHIEF, WUSE 2

For those that don’t know what Agidi is; Agidi is basically a corn-based meal. As a matter of fact, it is “Corn Jellos” in English. It’s made by thickening up corn starch/flour.

Anyways, ₦500 for two wraps was worth it because Agidi on the streets usually costs around ₦100 per wrap. There really is nothing to review about the taste because it’s just pure taste of corn starch.

Goat Meat Pepper Soup: ₦2,000

The Village Chief Wuse 2 Abuja 4 - LET'S CHECK OUT VILLAGE CHIEF, WUSE 2

Cow tail pepper soup is what was on their menu, but I asked if it can be altered with goat meat and to my surprise, it was possible. I Was so glad it was because the best soup to have with Agidi is most definitely goat meat peppersoup. The peppersoup was good, tendered meat and richness in taste. I didn’t see what to criticize about it.

Palm wine: ₦500

The Village Chief Wuse 2 Abuja 5 - LET'S CHECK OUT VILLAGE CHIEF, WUSE 2The three of us that had a taste of the palm wine can’t be wrong about it. This was not authentic palm wine and I really can’t blame them because it will be hard to get authentic palm wine in Abuja. In a post I earlier made about The Raffia Palm, I earlier described how you can tell authentic palm wine. If you’re interested in knowing, feel free to read about the post.


In summary, this won’t be my first choice if I want to hang out in a garden setting. Feel free to check them out yourself, I believe what you have read in my review won’t be any different from the experience you will get.


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    Solid review.

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