This is the first restaurant I’ve been to that is located under the ground of a building. Who knew that House of Freeda Mall had an underground? Yea, it’s cool enough to be located underground but trust me, it comes with its downsides. See what I did there with downsides? Lol. 😏 Anyways, for example, I experienced phone network challenges here but good enough the bar guy offered free WiFi so I was good. Another thing is, this place is a complete black out if ever NEPA takes the light. I also experienced a one minute black out when I was here and I have never seen a space that dark 😂, but it was all good though, lights came on almost immediately.
Let’s talk about the space and the restaurant’s concepts. Wingist is a typical sports bar, don’t think otherwise. Here is fantastically designed to chill with your guys and enjoy a sports game especially when there’s a live match. You won’t find a table for two here, every table here accommodates only group dining and lounging experience in a 5 seater booth with a cabana-like setup. Wingist looks like it should have been a really classy lounge, except that they offer variety of wings which now makes it a restaurant. The restaurant’s décor and attention to detail is extremely top notch 👌🏾. Giant TV screens for sports only just directly at every table. Then there’s a silent digital bell on every table to call the attention of waiters. Whoever that came up with the concept of this place is a bloody genius. Their waiters, very attentive, friendly and super diligent. I kid you not, anytime I pressed the bell I never had to wait more than 5 seconds to be attended to, and even when one waiter appeared to be busy, another one just immediately came to take her place. I have to give them credit for such coordination 👏🏾. Some other restaurants will be looking for the particular waiter that was serving your table 😂
Anyways, enough about waiters, let’s talk about the food!
I came here with the mind of trying variety of wings, so I ordered for 20pcs of Wings to be mixed with their multiple sauces, but unfortunately, the chef won’t be able to make them come in variety, so I was coaxed into ordering 6 pieces each of 3 different wings making it a total of 18 and making it a little more expensive than I would have gotten if I ordered for 20. Also, no appetizers were available and they don’t do desserts, so I settled for only wings and rice dishes.

Here’s what I ordered:

Wingist Restaurant Abuja Wings - LET'S CHECK OUT WINGIST, WUSE 2

Buffalo Wings – ₦1,900
Hot & Spicy Wings – ₦1,900
Wingist Special – ₦1,900

Wingist Restaurant Abuja Bufallo Wings - LET'S CHECK OUT WINGIST, WUSE 2

I would have posted the different pictures of the wings I had but apparently their sauces all looked the same. I loved that all their wings are really massive, I kid you not, a wing could almost be the size of a chicken lap. They were that big, so be sure that you will be filled up from eating chicken wings. Every wing had a slight crunchy feel, was super tender, juicy and dripping in sauce, hense, the reason why we were provided with nylon hand gloves. All their sauces were very tasty and very well distinguishable. But you see that buffalo wings? It’s not for the feeble hearted. Those wings were damn hot 🔥🔥🔥 I was literally sweating directly under AC 😂 The other two wings were just moderately hot too but I really hoped I had tasted other flavours so I can talk about other more sauces.
Now let’s talk about value for money….₦1,900 for 6 pieces of fat wings? Where are they getting their chicken from? Is chicken now free in the market? 😳 This is super cheap I can’t even lie abeg. Even the other items on their menu, were relatively well-priced, but I think the cost of their cocktails should cover up for their food revenue. Cocktails are priced between ₦3,000 – ₦4,000 for a glass, which is moderately fair enough for a classy restaurant as such.

Jollof Rice – ₦1,000

Wingist Restaurant Abuja Jollof Rice - LET'S CHECK OUT WINGIST, WUSE 2
Simply put, this is not the best jollof you will have. They just didn’t get jollof right. Taste was good, texture wasn’t. You can see from the picture that it looks soggy, also, it appears that not enough tomatoes was used. It also didn’t have that authentic burnt pot jollof taste, it rather had this jollof seasoning taste. Anyways, I stumbled upon the restaurant owner, very passionate guy about his business and he assured me that the rice recipe will be worked on. So if he meant what he said, then chances are this isn’t what you’d get during your own visit here.

Chinese Stir-fried Rice – ₦1,200

Wingist Restaurant Abuja Stir Fry Rice - LET'S CHECK OUT WINGIST, WUSE 2
Basmati rice, eggs and veggies made with Chinese spices, oh my God this rice dish was a total blast! Quote me on this. I wonder how they got this one so well and didn’t get our normal Nigerian jollof. Everything about it was on point especially the texture of the carrot and green peas in it, semi crunchy just how I like it.

Water – ₦450

To cap the article up, as I earlier said, Wingist isn’t your normal go-to place for a casual dining or for a date, it’s more like that place you go chill with 5 of your buddies. Never go to Wingist with just one person because you’d just be wasting Cabana space for nothing just like I did. Also, because of the lounging chairs, I won’t even recommend you buy any dish here that you’d have to eat with a spoon or fork (e.g rice or salad) because your back will hurt from bending to scoop, very inconveniencing. Just enjoy their wings and other dishes like corn dogs, sandwiches and fries that you don’t have to be bending your back all the time.


  • Nicole
    Posted at 19:20h, 15 DecemberReply

    This was an amazing read!
    Thank you the detailed review. Now, I know what to expect upon visiting the space.

  • nelo
    Posted at 18:59h, 14 JanuaryReply

    I am going here with my girls next weekend, now I know what to budget…Thanks… But I wish I saw more of the ambience of the place too and not just the food…

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 23:52h, 14 JanuaryReply

      Hi Nelo, I’m happy I could be of help with your decision making. As for the ambience, I actually have a montage video of the ambience on my Instagram page, you might want to look that up @eatwithchukwuma

  • Williams Ella
    Posted at 21:48h, 01 MarchReply

    I’m a lone ranger when it comes to my outings, so I’ll waste cabana space. πŸ˜€ Great review. I look forward to trying the Buffalo wings.

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 22:05h, 01 MarchReply

      Lone Ranger? πŸ˜…
      Well, hopefully you’d get to meet someone nice there, hence, space won’t be wasted after all πŸ˜‰

  • Ella
    Posted at 17:27h, 15 MayReply

    Was actually hoping to come here for a date, but seeing your review, I think I’ll pass. Will defo try their wings though, you almost made me get dressed and rush over there πŸ˜‚ Thank you for this great review

    • Chukwuma
      Posted at 18:27h, 15 MayReply

      Happy to know it was helpful 😁

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